one plus reported mysterious posters: one plus t white version to come?

at noon today, a mobile phone official released a mysterious posters, and a caption"after four years,"touch"still".

in the poster, appeared for the chinese characters form a radical, and sign new product will be on january 5.although the official did not disclose the specific information, but still be universal netizens guessed this is the new color of one plus 5 t-white sandstone.

in early december, a plus anime fair in india released a and 5 t star wars customised version, one plus 5 t star wars customised version with the white body design, but unfortunately, the product sale in india only.

then a adopted the white panel one plus 5 t exposure, different from the star wars edition is the front also used the white panel, are also likely to be the same as star wars edition uses white shell.

configuration, speculation and other version there is no difference, qualcomm xiao dragon chip 835+8 gb of memory, and so on.

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