samsung s new called dexpad: dex base or support wireless connection

as the samsung galaxy galaxy and the integrated integrated+release approaches, and the machine will be launched along with all the accessories talk more and more, though the galaxy the integrated and the integrated+still follow the same naming scheme models as last year, but the new version of the dex station is expected to have a different name and shape.

dex station last year with the galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+launched one of the most important accessories, allows the user to the galaxy s8, galaxy s8+and galaxy note8 connected to the monitor, keyboard and mouse, in order to obtain the experience of similar to the pc.

samsung has been euipo(eu intellectual property office) registered the trademark of"dex pad", almost confirmed there will be new dex base with the galaxy and the integrated galaxy integrated+were introduced, and called the dex pad, the change of the name also means new dex base may have different design.

according to the rumors, new dex base is not require users to insert the phone, but can be as flat as the wireless charging pad, this also means that the user can use smart phone screen as the touch of the pc board.

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