samsung respond to note the battery problem: only a small number of users reported

according to tech blog phonearena(beijing time) on january 1, in view of the user report the galaxy note8 and galaxy s8 cannot charge after the battery die and boot, samsung electronics, responded that the company has only received a small amount of user reports, need more information to judge.

last week, some galaxynote8 and galaxy reflect the s8 users, their mobile phone battery completely exhausted after the"brick".once the phone, they are using any method can activate it.although the affected models that is terrible news for users, but at least they don't like the galaxy note7 explosion.twice last year, samsung galaxy recall note7, and eventually stop selling this phone for this lost billions of dollars in profits.

now, the galaxy note8 and galaxy s8 users need to make sure the battery for charging the mobile phone before reduced to is currently investigating this problem.ironically, in the last year the galaxy note7 after explosion, samsung said it would start on the new step 8 battery safety testing measures.

samsung said in a statement, only received a small amount of user complaints, need more information to judge.if the user's galaxy note8 and galaxy s8 can't restart after the battery or no response, will need to contact the samsung.only samsung mastered enough information, it can make accurate comments.

now, samsung seems to have no change for the affected models of mobile phone.

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