qualcomm end in mediatek chips exposure old flagship machine shivering

twitter blew a great god for a few days ago we revealed some xiao dragon parameters of 670, when the small make up lamenting the future we completely has no necessity to the flagship phone not bought, soc performance fully covered in the end.today, we get the xiao 670, 640, xiao xiao dragon dragons in 460 and mediatek p40 detailed parameters/p70, look at mobile phone performance in next year's end will have more strong!

to look at first introduced before 670 xiao dragon, it adopts the latest 10 nm soc lpp craft, and 845 identical xiao dragon.using four kryo 360 gold(a75 public architecture magic change) and four kryo 385 silver(a55 public architecture magic change) of the eight core architecture, rather than rumors before six.for adreno gpu carrying 620, though the temporarily unknown parameters, but considering the xiao dragon 845 only carry the adreno 630, 670 xiao dragon game performance should be very strong.

in addition, 670 also supports lpddr4x memory and dual-core spectra image processor, 260 single camera support 26 million pixels or 13 million pixels of the double image output, baseband took 835 in same x16 xiao dragon, performance is very strong.and xiao dragon didn't worse than xiao dragon 670, 640, 360 gold and is equipped with two kryo six kryo 385 silver eight nuclear architecture, gpu is used adreno 610, baseband using x12, and other aspects xiao dragon 670 exactly the same, want to is a life god u.

460 have sent some xiao dragon, the eight core are kryo 385 silver, but by the frequency is divided into two groups, the gpu for adreno 605, image processor is the highest support only 21 million pixels single perturbation, the process is also a generation of 14 nm lpp.

then we'll look at mediatek helio p40/p70, after earlier renounced flagship market, mediatek obviously put effort in the chip in the end, both the parameters of the soc is exaggerated, both use 12 nm tsmc process, as well as+a53 a73 * 4 * 4 nuclear cpu architecture, the size of the image processor also supports the highest to 32 million pixels.except p40/p70 gpu are three core e-mail g72mp3 700 mhz and 700 mhz of four core mail g72.

but mediatek this apparently didn't focus on configuration, p40 and p70 processors will support the ai artificial intelligence technology, including the second generation of dsp operation and caffe 1/2 framework and google tensorflow study of artificial intelligence system, with the blessing of the google ai technology, mediatek processor in the era of artificial intelligence(ai) may be able to do something, he had to millet, meizu and oppo mediatek expressed the purchase intention.

actually look from the parameters, the processor has been partially achieved over the past two years the performance of the flagship, but considering whether the iphone is now android phone will along with the system, the application of the escalating put forward higher requirements for the processor, here's why i suggest you buy main machine more consider flagship model in the future.but in the end processor popularity for a friend with the machine needs is certainly good news, and to children, older people in the home to buy mobile phones will have more choices.

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