counterpoint: oppo asian market share has been leading millet samsung and huawei

from the foreign media reports in bgr, counterpoint, according to data from the research of chinese oppo smartphone manufacturers dominate the asian market.oppo to 15% of the market ahead of other smartphone makers, including vivo, millet, samsung and huawei.

counterpoint, according to data from the market in asia, in vivo immediate oppo, market share of 13%, while millet and samsung in third with 12% of the market share.huawei has a 11% market share.oppo, vivo and millet mainly thanks to its strong sales in india, and counterpoint according to samsung and the consolidation of millet has a 45% share in the country.

according to counterpoint research data, oppo smartphone shipments in also accounted for 8% of global market lead the global market with a 21% market share and apple has a 12% share, while huawei accounted for 10% of the share.counterpoint research pointed out that in 2017 the world's three mobile phone, there is one is the brand from china.

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