vivoxplusud mysterious new certification through the national c

a recent called vivo x20plus ud mobile phone product, through the china quality certification center 3 c authentication, if no accident, this phone will soon be listed in the near future.

the acronym ud, may be the up date, under the display or underwater defense, the corresponding is the updated version, screen the fingerprint version or waterproof version.

hardware configuration, the vivo x20plus use 6.43 inches full screen, carrying xiao dragon 660 processor, built-in vivo image rubik's cube, main work for taking pictures.x20plus, relative to the x20 continuously introduce the color is relatively smooth, therefore, the new vivo x20plus ud may be x20plus up date the upgrade version, in memory, processor or take pictures technology upgrade.

after it's home, synaptics has announced the vivo global fingerprint unlock the first screen displaying ces technology of mobile phone product, does not rule out the exposure of the new product is probably also vivo x20plus fingerprint screen early as in last year's mwc shanghai exhibition, vivo would show support for the first time the screen to unlock the engineering prototype.

in addition, some netizens suspected ud the underwater waterproof version of the defense.

but about vivo x20plus ud information is just a guess, vivo official did not respond.

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