the full screen came it's time to discuss about the future of virtual buttons

bring nuts pro2 gestures:return on level of position and gesture of multitasking interchangeable

another is a delegate with beautiful miui of millet, the location of the gesture is not with the three virtual buttons.returns from the left side of the screen right at the next higher level and smooth, or the right side of the screen scroll left:

do one-handed operation are the benefits of mobile phones can easily return to, like nuts, pro 2 from the bottom left of the screen slide up, one hand it is difficult to get enough.

beautiful miui return gesture of desktop operating the same as the other phone:

red rice 5 plus exhaled multitasking gestures is very similar to the iphone x-slide, short stay:

although$one thousand machine has a full screen gesture interaction, but some and screen of mobile phone are still not fit.

but on android gestures can also be through a third party software to realize, of course, the premise is you'll think of some way to put the virtual buttons completely block out.

like this in the cool ann has downloaded more than 10000"gestures home"app:

by the way, today is already 2018 years old, i only have a new year wish:double bottom bar don't come back again.

hope that hasn't fit the full screen gestures of mobile phone can get rid of the double bottom bar at an early date.

in the android mobile phone users, may not be used than meizu smartbar people more hate virtual buttons.

at the end of 2013, i bought a mx3, the small circles and concise simple but elegant classic flyme ever let me fondle admiringly.

but that occupies the entire screen at the bottom of the black article makes me very don't understand-i'm on a cell phone is the iphone 4, the last tragedy of feed water.

the meizu community around a circle, just understand this is smartbar, in support of the people say a good interaction design--more than 5 inch mobile phone screen, it is difficult to reach the upper left corner of the return key and some function keys, the keys on the single hand in smartbar can also arrived.

good ideal, the reality is very sad, very few software specifically for smartbar adaptation.

so the the effect of daily use is governed by the double bottom bar-fear:

until now, you can find a large number of posts in the post bar, zhihu:smartbar what is the meaning of existence?how to hide smartbar?

finally flyme 4 after the release, my mx3 ushered in the transit:global hide smartbar-small circle smooth return.

three big king kong

of course, the native android has always been a virtual buttons, bear the return, desktop, multitasking three big functions, commonly known as the"three big king kong".

so, in fact, double chin is not the most horrible, there are three"chin":

the road of domestic handset to virtual buttons

when the iphone is physical home button, no virtual buttons of android mobile phones solution is put on the bottom of the screen three touch key, according to the time and the effect of light, such as millet 3 at that time.

another way also similarly:a physical home button, press the home button to return to the desktop, home button left and right side respectively is returned and multitasking.this design samsung from the galaxy s3 uses note 7.

in 2015, you can buy almost all mobile phones have a physical home button, because fingerprinting became the standard of the mobile phone-no fingerprint identification keys are embarrassed called mobile phone.

this time many vendors have reached a tacit understanding, touch your home button to return to, press the back to the desktop.such as the meizu mback.

look so perfect, it seems that we never see virtual buttons, three transformers have"dead".

time in 2017,"real hard hit me a slap":phone makers rush to launch and full screen mobile phone, virtual buttons came back again soon.

positive"forehead"and"chin"narrowing, even whether mback or other is rarely in front the phone back.

so, very not easy to spin and screen ratio, is occupied by a virtual buttons, and then turned back to grow.double bottom bar and double chin is of course essential-i think a person quiet quiet.

the article x touch

to remove the trademark round the iphone home button x, the shift seems to naturally:resident at the bottom of a long thin touch, slide back to the desktop, slide out multitasking, sliding around a touch more task switching.

article by touch switch multitasking than ios once double-click the home button and 3 d touch also convenient.

gesture to so well, cannot leave the human-computer interaction of excellent teachers-web os, former partner, blackberry os.

on january 8, 2009, palm at ces released webos palm the system iterations, web os card task management, gestures, application background and memory management and operation, has become the current android and ios essential functions.

the web os's gesture operation logic is a touch area through the phone at the bottom of the screen, slide back to the more task card, multitasking interface at the bottom right corner has a special desktop icons.

according to seniority, the oldest web os can be said to be the master.

another teacher gesture of former partner operating logic is slippery, left and right sliding all can return to the desktop, from desktop left slide is multitasking card page, slowly slide can exhale multitasking icon.

like my colleagues that the preserved as new nokia n9(1.2) system is a former partner:

former partner multitasking gestures:

and the blackberry passport operation logic is sliding back more task card, and then the left slide back to the desktop:

under the call of the three teachers and iphone x, the android camp soon to follow up the gesture interaction.

the android camp this time no longer like physical home button s have the tacit understanding, at present there are two main types of gestures operation logic:

the first kind is to use the mobile phone manufacturers more and more typical is the hammer of nuts pro 2 and oppo r11s:the original"three big king kong"logical one-to-one correspondence operation, were replaced by the corresponding slide gestures.

from the screen on the lower left back at the next higher level, middle slide back to the desktop, on the lower right slide out multitasking:

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