china mobile phone brand in russia is expected to surpass apple: millet huawei and zte

beijing time 2 russian satellite news agency, russian experts said in an interview, chinese smartphone manufacturers occupy nearly a third of the russian market, millet and huawei's 2018 sales in russia is expected to go beyond the current of the second apple mobile phone, into the sales behind samsung's smart phone brand.

by more than 30% cell phones made in china

well-known technology market research firm market monitoring of counterpoint, according to a report in the third quarter of 2017, china's mobile phone manufacturers in the russian market share reached 32%.

russia el dorado retail chains(eldorado) to the satellite news agency disclosed that at present china brand smartphone sales accounted for 45.1%, accounted for 24.7%.el dorado vassili stephan sand peskov said:"the chinese brand smartphone share in the company's sales on the rise."

russia analysis of telecom daily general manager dennis, he thought, as china's second-tier brands products in the market the share of total quantity is very big, because the price is materially beneficial, these brands of mobile phones are very popular, however their respective share of these companies is not high.

, he said:"in this type of brand, more prominent with huawei, zte, the two companies compete with apple and samsung."

russia marvel-distribution company strategic development director sergei fermin, said:"apple and samsung in the russian market sales accounted for 40%, chinese brands accounted for close to 30%, that is to say, after the leader."

fermin, said:"not necessarily someone can shake the status of the samsung, even from the long run, but could surpass apple next year, the sales of huawei huawei currently third in the list, and with nearly 10% of the market."

fermin, points out that sales volume and sales in the market in the top three chinese manufacturers of huawei, millet and zte respectively.

millet sales become a"dark horse"

according to international data corporation(idc), a year ago, millet mobile phone in russia is less than 1% share of the smartphone market, in the third quarter of 2017, millet, with 11% of the market share to occupy third, second only to 23.9% 23.9% share of the samsung and apple.

fermin pointed out:"the reason is that share is growing, the official start of the brand to the russian supply, this is not seen before."

research firm counterpoint, according to data from the past year, millet smartphone sales jumped 325% in russia, and successfully into the russian market is the most popular brand of mobile devices.analysts believe that the company's high profile depends on the good advertisement plan, low price and high quality products.

fermin believes that the company's network marketing do very reach the designated position, make sure the millet mobile phone is popular among young players to enter

in october 2017, backgammon electronics co., ltd.(bbk electronics) announced its brands vivo begin sales in a sponsor of the 2018 world cup, the brand into the russian market on the eve of the world in russia will launch a smartphone with the fifa world cup phone russian branch general manager to russia, said the news of the company plans to occupy within a year and 5-7% of the smartphone market.

fermin thinks, vivo mobile phone price is higher than millet, therefore may not be able to get 5-10% of the market.he said:"the vivo is likely with the help of the 2018 world cup fever and vigorously promote, on the market in russia's success in the first year of sales, but in the long run, vivo difficult among the top five."

at the same time, the emergence of new chinese players is not always 2016 into the russian market view(leeco), although has the good marketing policy, ultimately failed to gain a foothold, and out of the russian market.

fermin, said:"letv around the distributors, focusing on direct selling, but company funds shortage, and the company also exists serious operational problems, so we can not continue to current business."

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