the world witness china brand growth: the meizu pro log in times square screen

this afternoon, meizu official drying out a set of pictures:

on january 3, 2018, meizu pro 7 landed in new york's times square nasdaq screen, a blend of fashion and technology, let the world to witness the growth of the chinese brand.

screen advertisement, the meizu pro 7 red and black color phones in the two figure, is at the bottom of the meizu and meizu phone logo, very strong.

since released at the end of july, pro 7 has been questioned, imagine prices diving faster than the outside world.not considering the price, actually, single from the point of the product itself, pro 7 is still a pretty good and maverick product.unfortunately, meizu pro 7 dismally is obvious fact.

hope jack to participate in this year to build dream machine 15 plus lead meizu opens in the high-end market situation, to shine at the moment, also let the kerosene regain confidence.

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