htcu rendering exposure: or designed for full screen

the new year will usually have a lot of fact, the early this year was no is expected to launch two phones in the first quarter, one of them is the new flagship u12, the rendering of the machine are exposed on the internet.

rendering shows that htc u12 facade design is very simple, no key, although the front is black, it is difficult to separate the screen and border line(even if it's hard to see) after processing, but the possibility of the machine pick up the full screen is great.

images also showed that htc u12 power button and volume buttons on the right, as if there is only one at the bottom of the usb interface, which means that the machine of the 3.5 mm headphone jack will be cancelled, this also continued the tradition of htc phone recently, and fingerprint identification module is likely to be at the back of the phone.

talk that htc u12 also supported edge induction, it can be finished by squeezing gestures various operations, its configuration including the xiao dragon 845 processor and rear dual cameras.

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