qualcomm xiao dragon first appeared in the prototype testing

although about qualcomm is xiao you first think of the dragon 835, 845 the flagship xiao dragon, but xiao dragon 600 series is actually the shipment of the main force, in recent years including xiao dragon 625, 653, 653 and xiao xiao dragon dragon many processors the incredible achievements in the market, so the qualcomm nature also devoted more energy for this series, took the latest xiao dragon 660, performance index is 820 matches the xiao dragon, just didn't give it with 10 nm process, today, 670 also surfaced xiao dragons.

to heavy push [email protected] quant today sent out a message, said qualcomm is carried a xiao dragon 670 test prototype, and revealed the xiao dragon 670 part of the information, he said that the platform is equipped with 4/6 emmc 5.1 gb lpddr4x memory, 64 gb of storage space, 2560 x 1440 resolution screen wqhd, rear 22.6 million pixels and 13 million pixels front-facing camera.we can see xiao dragon will support 670 lpddr4x memory, 2 k panel, according to the standards of the double xiao dragon 660 taken will certainly support, have also support it flash memory, if the next generation 670 only support emmc xiao dragon, a little said not over.

although there is no news as to performance specification, but it is a good guess, using 10 nm process should be a little not, as for samsung lpp or lpe, the author prefers the lpe, lpp production just right now, after all, can only meet the demand in 845 and 8910 exynos xiao dragon, and if xiao dragon 670 so strong is a bit too much.architectural aspects may be equipped with two kryo 385, 280 or new kryo research architecture of high performance core and six kryo core, low power consumption gpu performance may achieve xiao dragon 820 carrying adreno 530 level.

as a reference for everyone to introduce xiao dragon 660 configuration, the current xiao dragon 660 samsung 14 nm technology on manufacturing, integrated big four four small eight kryo 260 cpu core, adreno gpu 512 core.as for the release time, according to the release of the time to see xiao dragon 660, xiao dragon may release in the first quarter of 2018, 670 in the second quarter there will be a new start, no accident words should also struggle between the oppo, vivo and millet, and large need to wait for the second half.

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