yuan: one plus t white sandstone release gb shipped only optional

a plus at home last night officially released a mobile version 5 t white sandstone, already in jingdong mall stores, sells for 3499 yuan.

from the design point of view, this product should be used with one plus the star wars abroad last december edition of the same design style, just lack of star wars ip blessing, sandstone white version adopted the design of the front panel black+white on the back, on the name of it should feel and after a sandstone black s are the same, just change the color.

configuration, one plus 5 t sandstone white edition adopted qualcomm xiao dragon 835 processor, sandstone white model only 8 gb and 128 gb version is optional.

according to jingdong according to official data, the product will start to make an appointment at ten o 'clock this morning, the website does not provide the color version.

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