it home of spirit's blue film s announcement of a new invitation, turns out to be a brick?!

, it summed up as follows:

    misia may officially"separation", meizu and incarnate the blue line on both sides the future independent operation

    logo< released new products;/p>

    release with""for the new website domain name incarnate blue

    announced this year to open spirit's blue offline store, while selling mobile phone, will also bear the spirit's blue mobile phone after-sales service

    spirit's blue fully into the field of smart home, many intelligent household products, at the same time in offline spirit's blue shop sells

    announced the cooperation with samsung semiconductor, the future will launch with exynos processor incarnate blue mobile phone products

the above enumerated several revelations of what could be done, or at the conference for january 17, the home of the it will be broadcast live across the world.

then, incarnate the preheating is quite as blue(zu not, 1).

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