apple filed for automated driving patent began as early as in the layout

the apple patent application for a new, the application of patent related to automatic driving technology, apple also has said automated driving technology as a"mother"of all the ai projects.

, according to foreign media reports on december 21, 2017, the united states patent and trademark office to disclose the documents, according to data shows, as early as in 2015, apple had been planning on"autopilot technology"of the patent.

is not the same as with other manufacturers, apple on autopilot technology adopted in the design concept of combining the ai cars with traditional automatic driving technology mainly rely on a variety of sensors and real-time perception, and apple says the information change every day, the traditional automatic driving technology can't meet such a huge amount, apple autopilot system can use the ai constantly and calculating data model is set up, so as to predict route, judge the effect of the obstacle!

nowadays, the possibility of automatic driving technology is born, has let it be pushed to the forefront, as early as in 2016, apple's letter submitted to the national highway traffic safety administration, said it was to invest in transportation automation technology.

although patent does not mean it is possible to have the actual product, but, from this patent can also see, apple for automated driving technology of thinking, and automatic driving technology will be the next to the tuyere.

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