has just been eu fined $apple targeted by south korea again

you remember not long ago apple was fined$15.4 billion in the european union's things?when the eu officials announced that apple should pay to the irish government$15.4 billion in taxes.bite in the eu, there are many countries also eyeing apple this fat, such as south korea.recently the news that south korea intends to investigate apple, make it a huge back tax.

it's a series of events is very interesting, although apple is to ireland to pay back taxes, but ireland, but don't want, all this is forced by the european union.because ireland as a european union of the lowest tax rates, attracted many multinational companies, not only can this unrestricted sales products in other eu countries(eu policy implementation of the single market), still can enjoy the ultra-low rates of ireland.

the eu don't want to see this kind of phenomenon, because apple tax is too little, 2014 apple tax amount accounts for only 0.005% of global gains.but it is interesting to note that ireland also don't want the money, because in the heaven after their windfall, the irish can be forced to adopt more consistent tax policy and the european union, and then can't attract many multinational enterprises.

clear after all this, we are how to want to take a look at south korea, south korea think apple for many years did not open the world within the scope of tax data, whether in south korea will hidden income tax, to achieve tax avoidance?even korean tax authorities and lawmakers are calling for change for a long time of the tax law system to prevent tax avoidance, but seems to have no results.

apple said its branch in south korea is only limited liability company, the information disclosed to the south korean government has no obligation to pay tax, and a lot of the personage inside course of study says, if apple really pay attention to this problem, as early as a few years ago to set up the south korean branch will have to comply with the relevant provisions, and now many multinational technology companies, including apple, in cooperation with south korea's top law firm, they know how to use the korean legal loophole.

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