news that apple is scheduled to integrate ios and macos application next year

dispatch of sina science and technology beijing time on december 21, the morning news, apple's iphone and it brings a new way of interaction with pc, which is gained through the application in the app store shop is easy to use application to do this.

but in apple's own desktop and notebook, the same method can't work well.the mac app store app store almost can be said to be a"ghost town", the inside of the application quantity is limited, and rarely, the company plans to change this, particular way is to offer a way to make it available on the iphone, apple and mac just as easily use a set of applications.

according to a source familiar with the situation said, starting next year, software developers will design also applies to a single application of touch screen with the mouse or touchpad, depending on its specific is run on the iphone and the operating system, or run on mac hardware.

at this point, the developer must design the two different applications:a kind of suitable for ios, which is apple's mobile operating system;another suitable for macos, mac operating system, this will increase the workload of addition, apple users have long complained that some mac application was ignored.for example, the iphone and the twitter application will regularly update the latest features, application and mac version didn't update, since recently was widely seen as substandard.if all devices use a single application, mac, apple and iphone users can get new features and updates at the same time.

anonymous source said, the company currently planned in the next autumn released ios and macos major update when launching this change.the secret project named"marzipan", is part of the apple software"road map"for next theory, the plan as early as possible in apple's annual developers conference announced that next summer, but the premise is the officially released at the end of 2018 plan is still in according to the orbit.sources say, apple's plan could still change, therefore the project actual implementation may have change, but also still has the project may be cancelled.

an apple spokesman declined to comment on the news.

before apple, there are also other companies have one mobile and desktop applications.before giving up windows software for smartphones, microsoft has pushed through a program called"universal windows platform"(general windows platform) technology, allows developers to create in the tablet pc, mobile phone and pc all microsoft applications running on equipment.similarly, google will play mobile application store and chrome os based on some laptop desktop platform integration, make the pc users can also run the photo sharing service sets and"burn after reading"communication application snapchat smartphone and tablet applications.

it is not clear whether apple plans to mac and ios app store, but it is worth pointing out that the ios version of the app store has done this year, while the mac version app store since 2014 has never been updated.

the application plan of apple is another part of the larger long-term plan, which aims to make its hardware and software of the"pillars"become more similar.a few years ago, the company began to design their own processor for ios devices, and have started to do the same thing for mac, recently introduced for imac pro t2 apple, unified application plan, the company may one day for mac and ios device is equipped with the same main processor.

this will make the company can more easily create a single operating system for all equipment, as microsoft has for the desktop, notebook and surface tablet done the same.

so, is it true that the company will do this?tim cook, chief executive of the company(tim cook) has been the resist stance, he thinks the ios and macos to a user experience experience lead to 2012, he had said:"you can take a toaster and a refrigerator is an organic whole, that sort of thing, but probably won't please the user."in addition, apple's senior vice president of software engineering craig federico ji(craig federighi) also has said it will ios and macos together is a compromise.

but from past history, apple often insisted that it will never do something, such as the production of a small size of the device or iphone, etc-in the end still do.

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