apple arkit application experience drama has only just begun

as early as a few months ago, love rocks have reported a foreign developers use arkit development ar ruler, in this activity, we also met by chinese developers ar ruler.

from the functional, an earlier version of abroad with too much, is next to the measured object"painting"out of a ruler, of course, just like the real ruler to determine the length of the object.

ar ruler of developers, according to the current in the measurement before you scan desktop size as a reference, and then you can measure objects on the surface of the table.

in addition to the"painting"ruler, this app also supports direct measurement object size, but from the point of live demonstration, the value is not very accurate, is more like a valuation, but the side no ruler and the urgent need to know the size of the user, can solve part of the requirements.

live chinese prickly ash and chinese prickly ash camera

in addition to the game and measuring tools, ar was also used to chat chinese prickly ash and chinese prickly ash camera development team for the live software to join a lot of fun ar function.

under the function of live, if you are in your interactions and anchor because of shy don't want to show their real image, then can through the ar to generate a virtual image of the virtual image will be through the original deeply camera and iphone x front-facing camera to capture facial expressions.

but opposite of the host if you want to see and chat the true character of the local tyrants, will do well to just go.

proctor figure

proctor figure and some similar chinese prickly ash camera, in addition to face ar function in this app, also built a small game, similar to the mobile game we've played music rhythm, just changed his music for the expression here.

the game players need to make random emoji on expression is due to score, but in the face of their ferocious expression to laugh sometimes haven't play two times already.


keep the application of fitness classes also joined the ar function, users can through the phone when fitness in view the clock in place in the form of ar and classic jogging routes.

but the developers also said that the current problem is, especially when running in the gym, people rarely out his phone and excessive operation through the screen, how to better combining ar and exercise still need to explore.

in the experience, each arkit platform application has its own characteristics, can also bring me different experiences and play.

ar can effectively use the space around us, it doesn't like vr is restricting the scope of our activities, it also makes the ar application can be more powerful and unconstrained style.

although the development of ar is still in its early, but apple arkit is for developers to build up a mature platform, we may see ar application blowout appear in the future one day, but this day, may also need to wait for, because there are still many experience problems need to solve.

how such as ar applications let users continue to use it, most of the ar application user viscosity it seems is not enough, the game type seems to be ok, but like shooting ar applications such as video, it is easy to lose interest after experience several times.

in addition, the highest platform smartphone penetration may be present, but it is not necessarily the ar the best load modes, like vr, we never seem to find a good carrier and solution.

the establishment of a complete ecological developers continue to investment, the public interest and the platform of their own development is indispensable, and on a mobile phone to do ar, apple can take advantage of the app store for nearly 10 years of accumulation, but when it was found that the potential of ar is limited in the mobile phone, ar the evolution towards what again?

element has only just begun.

prior to the release of the iphone x, apple developers conference to launch the augmented reality platform arkit has put a fire in the whole world, it makes people's imagination has been released.

and, more importantly, thanks to a mature and complete development platform, developers can more quickly than ever to build an ar application, and that is why we can see countless within half years arkit of interesting and practical application.

a china in apple arkit application developers, we have met the most developed and has been put on the app store 11 ar applications, including games, chat software, practical tools, and the application of some very creative life.

in talking to these developers, we know that they are developing an ar application less than a month, is the average time for a new field of app development process, time has been quite short.

the show in front of us a few ar app, each let's stop to experience for a long time.

ar pool master

to say first in the experience made me feel the tallest playability, this ar game called ar billiards(ar pool master).

the phone on the billiards game, most people should be played, the smartphone era to the era of smart phones, there are various versions.

still remember the first generation of iphone, the local tyrants roommates don't know where to get one, then on a 3.5-inch large touch screen to play a 3 d billiards game, now in retrospect, still feel amazing.

and in the sight of the ar billiards, practice is not sound so billiards developers say, although before is based on 2 d version of the development, but the style is completely different.

the first ar pool master one of the biggest characteristics is that it does not need to like other ar applications need a plane or objects to"carry"on the ar animation.

due to the iphone x double space depth of field can be calculated, if the space range, the user can generate anywhere pool table, do not need to find a plane.

generated after the pool table, of course, you can play billiards, if you've been to a billiard mobile game, when you finish after a stroke, the game will automatically come to the next hit the cue ball's point of view, or turn to the other party, that is to say, the whole game process is mechanical repetition"shot"and adjust the angle of shot click action of the screen.

in the ar pool master, you can use the iphone in any observatory and pitch angle and position, as in the real walking up and down in front of a pool table, and if you want to hit the cue ball, then you need to go to the front of the cue ball, and then the screen will appear route and strength, then you can click the screen shot.

after the ball players can also move around to watch the ball trajectory, due to the completion of ar pool master degree is high, the simple sense of the whole model is very close to the real billiards.

even more interestingly, support two players play the game, the two players can be in with a"table"like really play billiards.

if you want to play, just pass in an iphone app open scanning near the player, and then invited to join the bureau will start the game, invited players can the invitation after they receive through camera see another player has built"table", that is, two people can be like in the reality in a billiard table.

this unique gameplay is difficult to experience before ar, and once our mouth"3 d", may also should be like this.ego

in experience area has so a ar app, it by using a front-facing camera and iphone x deeply camera scans the user's face, like input face id, then the user's facial modeling.

then app to build good facial model fit body, when communicate with the developers"ego", he said can choose by of different sexes in the body, then can also to change the character's face and style.

sounds like the outfit and ar version of the game, but in fact, the"ego"is the most attractive place, it has been designed for the user to various scenarios, looks like a smaller version of himself in some classic movie clips, or classic characters.

such as star wars lightsaber duel, avatar, bruce lee and so on.

in addition, users can also according to the change of mobile location to the effect of a movie ticket reservation, when once the film's director, is also very interesting.

at the scene demonstration, developers showed us a animation, called"dragon knight"men after knock over a pile of fruit, fruit in the table and the ground, scattered it on the phone screen can clearly see the contrast between objects on the table and the underground.

i ar ruler and flashlight

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