apple's p/e ratio is low value as early as next month to break the trillions of dollars

the phoenix network science and technology according to cnbc reported on december 21, beijing time, apple shares have risen 50% since this year, a wall street analysts expect that the earliest until next january, apple market value will be$1 trillion.

on cnbc"trading nation"programs broadcast tuesday, local time, the investment company, an analyst at miller tabak matt marley(matt maley) said,"from a technical level, apple shares some time ago through the process of the strong gains, sideways after 2 months, will usher in a new round of rising again."

marley also said that in addition to the cyclical rise, investors may consider to buy apple shares and, compared with other technology giants, apple's p/e ratio is present, the facebook p/e ratio is 34 times, google parent alphabet is 36 times, amazon is 300 times more, netflix also reached 189 times.

apple's current p/e ratio is only 19 times, which makes it become one of the cheapest technology giants.mary said,"this is one of the great driving force to promote apple shares rose,"apple's shares have momentum, if the market does not appear, apple shares will rise to$190 or$200 in january".

bring apple shares periodic trend

investment company cowen and co.assets sales department director david seats berg(david seaburg), can also say that apple's shares rose to$190-$200.but seats berg, said he believed that the so-called iphone"super cycle"to maintain two quarter, apple will have to again after the innovation, especially in the services sector.

seats berg in"trading nation"program, said"i think apple's shares in the near future can be up to$190 or$200, then entered the stage of sideways, unless apple has big moves in the service business."

seats berg said,"apple needs to make some order to make up for the super cycle after the iphone revenue to reduce the influence of apple need to take some big action, because the window of the business is worth looking forward to is not much."

after a few weeks ago after briefly topped$900 billion market value, in the reports of chinese consumers are interested in the iphone x pull, apple market value of$900 billion again on monday.

regular trading wednesday local time, apple shares fell$0.19, or 0.11%, to$174.35 during this means that marley and mat's think apple shares in the short term there are about 14% of the rise space.

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