an app adaptation all equipment microsoft didn't do apple can finish?

the ecosystem of apple products is rich in content, iphone, ipod, mac in the field of mobile phones, tablets and laptops has very good public praise, but as the same under different positioning of the products of the company, the iphone, the use of ios and laptop platform macos on application development is mutually related, a software developers need to be designed for ios and macos respectively independent program, very is aware of this problem, they plan to in the next year to the ios app store to do a consolidation and macos.

ios and macos app store integration could come as early as next year to complete, application developers in the face of apple iphone touch screen equipment, tablet and keyboard device mac will only develop a set of procedures, if all goes well, this will greatly reduce the workload of developers, while apple users on macos app store application of scarcity, update slow complaints can also be annulled, all applications on the two platforms will use a program version update and synchronization.

although ideal is very good, but how to realize there may be some technical difficulties, apple's consolidation plan is for macos farther to the ios developers still needed to make a compatible program we of the two systems is unknown, and the other risk is when two different platforms compatible with each other, that they may also lose their respective features, become you.

of course, apple is not the first to want to unified whole platform, microsoft has tried to integrate all the windows platform application(uwp), let they can on the desktop host, windows mobile, xbox, hololens even surface on the hub and general, but the progress of this effort is still very limited, while google has also begun to do the same thing, they want to porting android applications on chrome, google wants to build a unified application ecosystem, but so far have not seen a more successful case, let's look forward to apple will bring a surprise to us.

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