apple ceo cook in shanghai costs dialogue and mr wang

today, apple ceo cook came to shanghai a costs, and the group ceo mr wang sat the previous line, china cook met with dai wei ofo:yellow car, and the willow blue drops travel.

bring the left is meituan ceo mr wang, on the right side of the apple ceo cook

meituan ceo mr wang taught cook in a big pot of spring costs using a mobile phone to order, how to complete the order with mobile phone bill take meal, etc., showed the mobile payment of chinese restaurant scene.

with all the points on the table a bowl of wonton cook, also communicate with the mass of developers.

media asked the cook taste how, cook said very delicious, and think that this order is not in the united states experience, mr wang said, perhaps meituan can put the experience brought to the united states.

mr wang to cook a chopsticks as a gift.the last big pot of spring boss cook and spectators came to a group photo with him.

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