jpm: the stock is still in our recommended preferred

investment bank morgan stanley, morgan stanley analysts said in a report on thursday in a new investment, given the enormous success of the iphone x in the chinese market, apple shares in next year's performance may be still very grab an eye, will still be morgan stanley recommended choice in 2018.

, morgan stanley said apple shares"in 2018, is still our recommended choice", part of the reason is that the new iphone x have been successful in the chinese market.according to cnbc previously reported that iphone sales growth over the same x in 2017 on the iphone and iphone 8 august plus.

another news is positive for apple, about half of the iphone x buyers on the chinese market with the iphone or iphone 7 plus 7.this means that the chinese market consumers to upgrade their iphone has strong interest, the next year for apple iphone sales x provides a great the chinese market, some users in the use of even more older iphone, such as the iphone 6 s, etc.

apple hopes to further expand the international market sales, while china is a key to apple in the international market.earlier in 2017, however, apple market showed signs of slow sales growth in china, causing some shareholders questioned the apple chief executive tim cook(tim cook) whether the sales strategy of problems.cook has said that he thought the chinese market provides an important opportunity for the latest quarter, apple products in the chinese market sales volume rebounded, in addition, many analysts expect apple products sales growth in the region will continue to improve.

the morgan stanley analyst katie hugh bertie(katy huberty wrote) said in its latest investment report, in the chinese market, from other brands using the number of apple iphone has increased.analysts, according to the data provided by more and more chinese consumers are from chinese rivals such as huawei and oppo factions defected to the apple camp.

as for the sales of apple iphone x in the chinese market next year, hugh bertie did not give specific sales figures, saying apple's market share will increase.huber said,"these data suggest that the iphone in the chinese market has a faster penetration, plus more users have defected to the apple camp, which will promote the iphone market share in china to accelerate growth."

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