bloomberg: apple plans to upgrade applewatch or built-in ekg heart monitor

on december 22, the morning news, according to bloomberg news reported that apple plans to launch a built-in ekg heart monitors the apple watch.the current version of the apple with a 24-hour heart rate monitor watch have all can monitor every minute of the heartbeat, but if you want to realize the ekg function must use third-party accessories.

a is testing the apple watch this is realizing the function of ekg, users need not wear a watch two fingers of the hand hold apple watch dial.when apple watch will send a notice to the user's current within the chest, to track the electrical signals inside the heart and monitor any possible exceptions, such as irregular heart rate.

the apple watch integration in an ekg heart monitors make apple become a must-have health watch from equipment and goes sold in the apple also can be equipped with ekg heart monitors watch, just not built inside the fuselage, but is embedded on the strap(pictured), just put the finger pressure on the sensor for 30 seconds, can be used to monitor abnormal heart rhythms and atrial fibrillation(afib).this kardiaband strap for$199, and unlock all the features also need to pay the subscription fee of$99 a year.but if the ekg heart monitors can be integrated into the apple watch fuselage term can make more people to use this feature.

ekg, or electrocardiogram(electrocardiography) is usually do in a hospital checking, used to test with irregular heart rate of a heart attack or stroke.the existing apple watch is with an irregular heart rate monitoring function, but if you want to get the ekg data, still have to go to a hospital or buy a strap with the function of ekg a third party.because now the heart rate monitoring function can only tell you the heart rate is high or low, whereas the ekg could provide a real diagnosis report directly to the doctor.

however, the future whether apple does in apple built-in ekg heart monitors in the watch is uncertain, now is still in the phase of testing.

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