deliberately restricted by old iphone apple performance was a class-action lawsuit

according to tech blog appleinsider(beijing time) on december 22, apple admitted yesterday, they restrict the performance of the old iphone to reduce power consumption, avoid the phone automatically shut down due to run out of battery.a day later, a los angeles in this filed a class action lawsuit for apple iphone users.

the plaintiff named stefan, byrd gannuo has(stefan bodganovich).and many others, he is an iphone users, but not use the newest iphone 8.he don't agree with the practice of apple, think it hurt the value of the iphone, and is especially concerned about its impact on the iphone 7 users.

byrd gannuo has said that iphone users never asked old iphone apple slow down in order to save electricity, also did not agree to apple to do many people, he thinks that it is a means of apple, designed to allow people to buy the latest iphone.

he asked apple to stop limit old iphone performance practices, and to make compensation.

this month, a number of users in social news bbs, reddit, and other social media said after replacing the battery, their iphones running speed, and speculated that apple's move may be to force users to buy the new iphone.

apple to confirm on wednesday, but said the restrictions on the iphone performance is in order to avoid the battery automatic shutdown."last year, we on the iphone 6, the iphone 6 s and iphone se, issued a function, in order to solve the problem of processor performance peak moment, only to prevent the mobile phone under the condition of some unexpected shutdown,"apple said in a statement,"we have a function to expand through the ios 11.2 to the 7 on the iphone, and plans to add this support to other products in the future."

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