apple concealing evidence against qualcomm punished to pay thousands of dollars a day

on december 24, according to engadget reports, apple and qualcomm is not the best of friends, so when i heard the apple for failing to take out for the chip manufacturer and face fines of litigation evidence, is really surprising.

according to bloomberg, san jose, california court has ordered apple to pay 25000 dollars a day(since december 16), because the company failed to hand over the federal trade commission lawsuit required files.earlier this year, the agency has filed a lawsuit against the qualcomm anti-competitive behavior.high to apple provide conditions, for example, if the apple on the iphone using only the baseband chip, will reduce the royalties.

apple spokesman josh rosen stoke denied concealing the relevant documents, and the bloomberg said:"we've made millions of documents for this case, and is working hard, in the very short period of time to provide more information are required to file.we plan to appeal against the ruling."

it is unclear why apple can't prepare the document according to the requirements of the court as quickly, because of the delay to submit the court's ruling will be advantageous to qualcomm, unless the decision has been revoked.otherwise, apple will have to submit relevant documents before december 29, or face a more serious penalty.

however, no matter how much is the fines, it almost does not affect the financial position of the apple, because apple can profit of$25000 in a few seconds.

although apple isn't directly involved in the lawsuit, but the two companies are some legal battle.

in january this year, apple launched the war, with the federal trade commission, for$1 billion to prosecute the qualcomm.

in november this year, the chip maker back to their own litigation, accused the company fails to comply with the software license terms, and sharing proprietary information with competitors.

apple sued again in late november, qualcomm, said old xiao godson violated at least eight patents.

of course, qualcomm also with their own action in response to claims from iphone to iphone x 7, all the iphone infringed at least 16 patents.

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