apple iphonex face id and contentious: cannot be used for households to buy certified

reported on december 25, apple's iphone users find x, face id facial recognition function cannot be used to"ask before buying"(ask to buy) certification, which can let parents approve purchase and application download on the, the iphone x users need to manually enter the password, try to approve every purchase.

figure note:face id facial recognition

apple users is disappointed, because the same function can be implemented on touch id equipment and after the transition to the iphone x will not be able to use.face, like touch id, id authentication can be used for other purchases, but touch can also be used for id"asked before buying"function, face id cannot.

apple claimed that for touchid after implementation of interactive features, face id can be fact, before the iphonex evaluation can be found, third-party applications use touch id can be automatically transition to face id, don't need the apple take measures, is a smooth, seamless transition.therefore, face id does not support the apple ios function of independent development more in"asked before buying"function file did not mention the touch id or faceid.

most american families have several children, each child may have an ios device, so the application of the"asked before buying"function will be more and more, especially after the holiday addition to normal use and within the game application to buy, the children for the app store gift card exchange will further improve the usage"asked before buying"function.

users complain the problem on apple support bbs, but apple has yet to explain why this restriction is said that face id is most likely to be deceived by relatives, because their facial features and facial data stored on the iphone x are very similar.

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