apple keyboard eventually want iphone and mac software is eliminated?

the two operating systems of apple ios and macos may be closer in the next year.

a few days ago, released by bloomberg news:apple has a secret plan called marzipan, let developers can develop at the same time run on ios and macos applications.the plan is the fastest to wwdc launch in the next year.

the mac app store has been silent

just as apple's senior vice president of global marketing phil schiller from eddy cue over the app store the second anniversary, phil schiller take over after the app store has brought many changes:significantly shorten the audit time, support developers to respond to the user in the comments, a sharp revision, to purchase in advance mode, etc.

but, in contrast, the mac app store had no changes since 2014.the app store on the number of applications has long lagged far behind in the ios app store, if really implement the plan, the application of the latter will be guided to come over, let mac users have more applications available, and further on the integration of the two systems.

apple has been searching for ways to make ios and macos collaboration better

the apple has been in the integration of ios and macos this matter in advance, but at a slower pace:

    in 2010, the device and the release of the iphone 4, apple ios began to barb, the same year by the end of"back to the mac"conference, apple ios will introduce a number of features at that time, the latest version of mac os x 10.7 lion, including reference ios app store set up by the mac app store, and the gesture and desktop arrangement

    in 2011, apple announced cloud services up to as ios and the basis of the data synchronization and collaboration between macos

    in 2012, then the ios software, senior vice president scott forstall departure from apple, then ios development work to a previously responsible for macos system development of software engineering, senior vice president craig federighi together as a whole

    2014, airdrop can transfer data between ios and macos, and hand off function of the new ios and macos function through further, such as when a caller id can be directly on the computer, in the desktop safari to see half of the page, also can open rapidly in the safari on ios continue to view

    launched in 2016, general clipboard universal clipboard, mobile phone, copy text, can paste on the laptop, and vice versa

in the past few years, if you used the iphone and mac in his writing, should be quite adapt to the collaboration between them.

but there is a gap between cell phones and computers, by the arm and the composition of x 86 processor innate differences.they have a different architecture and instruction set, and are not compatible.

cook once said, to fill this gap, apple isn't interested in measures that have made ios and macos better cooperation is only equivalent to set up the bridges on the gap.

famous analyst benedict evans in 2015 have been analyzed, already has a wintel alliance 10 times the size of the arm architecture equipment such as ios, android ecosystem, will become the new core for the future computing devices.

s on mobile devices is so strong, also with ios macos pull a very logical.

interaction is a big problem

but similar things the other company is not didn't do it, microsoft released a general windows platform application(uwp), google has also tried to chrome os running on android software, just have been effect.

the difference of architecture is difficult to unity, but the differences of interaction is more difficult to ignore.

after the application is more and more consistent, architectural gap may use bridges to solve, but the keyboard and touch the two interact, in essence, means that it is difficult to use the same set of interface adapter developers.

it can eliminate the keyboard.

apple really want to destroy the keyboard?

it's apple ios train of thought to the modification of mac, have begun to emerge in the hardware, 2016 on the new can touch touch bar to replace function buttons is quite obvious.

according to former apple employees in bret victor on twitter, touch the bar from conception to finally realize spent nearly eight years of time, really very accord with apple"step by step, slowly to"style.

in the podcast day world, the host don't bird like pointed out that the iphone home button, new macbook touch pad, is not a physical buttons to press down, they are simulated by 3 d haptic engine vibration of key feedback, but we are hard to judge the difference.

there are operated by touch touch bar, press down under the touchpad, double struck down, in the middle of the keyboard key travel also more and more short, perhaps in the future, the entity on the macbook keyboard might really be in the next few years into a touch keyboard.

images from twitter user james hicks

if true, the apple is really kill ten years ago on a mobile phone keyboard, on the difficulty of higher dimension did it again.

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