apple in the european patent application for smart fiber: clothing sofa can be intelligent

, according to a report in the december 25 patently apple beijing time, patently apple today found the apple in the european patent application for an intelligent clothing/intelligent in the patent application materials, according to the intelligent fiber can be used in electronic equipment can remove shell, belts, bracelets, headband, equipment can remove the lid, bags with straps, even smart clothing and smart in the sofa.

and, more importantly, intelligent fiber can be applied in the armband, wallet, sleeves, pockets, or other electronic devices can be inserted into the structure, such as clothing, hats, belts, and the chair seat cushion, sofa and so on.

microsoft has also applied for a patent intelligence has been working with levi's, even introduced a smart jacket.

smart sofa sofa schematic diagram intelligence

apple said, its technology is applicable to chemical fiber, metal, glass, graphite, ceramics, as well as the preparation of natural materials such as cotton, bamboo fiber.maybe one day, the user simply sitting on the sofa, the sofa will be able to"read"the user of some physiological indexes, such as body weight, body temperature and the time to sit on the couch.

the apple is one of the patent inventor daniel bode haji(daniel podhajny).bode haji has served in nike, in the course of nike gained at least 20 patents related to the smart fiber, his position at apple is"product designers.

apple hired bode haji may mean that it is in the development of intelligent fibers can be used for future intelligent products.

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