one of the most successful technology ipo companies in the year: twilio stocks rose per month

, an american paas company twilio cloud not authoritative communication in recent a new force suddenly rises.stocks this year, the largest ipo unicorn, listed on the first day up 92%, within a month of stock returns as high as 167%, this is a what kind of magic company? the issuing price of

twilio is 15 dollars per share, and the current stock price is 41 yuan/share.goldman's target price is 33 u.s.dollars/share, and the target price of morgan chase is 39 dollars/ is reported that

twilio's model is a paas cloud communications platform, allows app developers to only add a few lines of code to add voice calls and sms functionality in their applications at present, its customers include whatsapp, uber, airbnb, salesforce, hulu, nordstrom, such as a direct call driver in uber application function is implemented in the twilio platform on information communication.this shows that the stock of

twilio and the company behind it has received great recognition of the market, also seems to see cloud services market prospects, according to gartner statistics, in 2015 the global cloud services market spending exceeded 180 billion u.s.dollars, is expected in 2017 will reach$244 billion 200 million, will remain in the next few years more than 15% growth rate.

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