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is one of the world's largest sporting goods manufacturing company, nike brand legendary leader phil nate was once a runner, finally started with$1000 successfully created the market value of tens of billions of dollars in sports kingdom, bill gate analyzed the secret of nike's success by this paper, is on the way to you.the article below

is the full text.

has been following a conventional plot in the biographies i've read, and it's also a plot that i think will mislead the is about this:a keen entrepreneurs to come up with a world changing idea, develop a clear business strategy, recruitment of the first-class partners, and then everyone together quickly reading these stories, i am always amazed at how these people use their achievements as an inevitable product of some great foresight or extraordinary wonder publishers can churn out many books on how to act as headlines, which are filled with neat memorandum lists and five step implementation plans, and other oversimplifying secrets of entrepreneurial success.

phil nate(phil knight)'s shoe dog is a memoir about nike's creation.this refreshing work shows people the true face of business success.this is a journey of confusion, danger and lack of order, full of mistakes, endless struggles and fact, when you read the story of knight on page and page, you think his company will end up with a failure.

, of course, it's hard to connect nike to failure today.the company's annual sales of more than$30 billion, the nike swoosh became one of the world's most famous almost every street in the world, you can see people wearing nike shoes.however, knight brought the reader back to the very humble and fragile start of the company more than 50 years that time, knight started selling imported japanese sneakers with the trunk of his plymouth valiant(plymouth valiant).

i've seen a few times with knight in the past.he is very kind, but also very many other people who have seen him, i think he is a very difficult person to understand.although his company is already very famous, he is still a riddle among the fortune 500 executives.

but between the words of the shoe and dog, knight opened its heart to us in a way that most ceo would not want to take.his attitude was very strict with himself and his failure.he does not comply with the bold and aggressive entrepreneur.he is shy, introverted, and often lacks a sense of security.he used to do some nervous movements when he was nervous in business negotiations, he would play with the rubber wrist strap on his wrist or cross arms to hold himself.he took a few weeks to tell penny(penny) that he liked her, and penny later became his wife.but, though, or because of his unusual character, he created a"crazy idea".in his own words, he would use his life to do something different and set up his own shoe company.

"shoe dog"chinese edition by beijing joint publishing company

knight interest in university of oregon to study the shoes was free, then he followed with a great reputation of running coach bill bowerman(bill bowerman) running.later, knight went to the stanford university to study mba, during which he wrote a paper on the potential market opportunities for importing japanese sports shoes to the united that time, japanese cameras were eating away from the german-ruled camera he thought, why don't you use japanese running shoes to do the same thing? he believes that japan can use shoes with adidas and puma and other top german sports shoes manufacturers competition.

so far, this story may sound a bit familiar:this is a world changing idea of young entrepreneurs to go straight on the road to success myth.however, nat's next experience smashed the myth.the biggest suspense in

's book is the unstable financial situation of knight.he used his father to$50 in imports of shoes began his business, founded a company called blue ribbon sports(blue ribbon sports) company, and began several years of life in debt.year after year, he had to borrow more loans from bankers so that they could import more japanese shoes.there is little savings in his bank account, because he will continue to return all the profits he earned back to the company and order more shoes from japan.even after the increase in sales, his company often needs to save money to sustain the same time, his relationship with the japanese sneakers is not very stable.though knight successfully sold the shoes and helped the company improve the design of shoes, the other executives always looked for other potential partners in the us.finally, bypassing the japanese knight and founded the nike company, began another period of an uncertain future career.

was particularly frank about the chance behind nike's success.take the famous nike duigou logo, which he spent$35

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