entrepreneurial employees confession: i like the boss of the fire fighters

some people are lucky, they joined the interesting startups, launched a great product.but in most cases, startup, led by the vagaries of narcissistic bosses boss keeps a group of silly people.

startup those things we also hear a lot about it:employees extremely hard work, the occasional table tennis-revenue because of the help to the explosive growth of employees;bosses love to mention the importance of the"thought leader", emphasis on how their company attaches great importance to the inspiration and value.admittedly, this startup do exist, but the quantity is not much.in fact, more startups disorganized, staff careless, but we seldom hear people mention.

in the past five years, i have to join two startups:one is still in business, and another multinational giants have been bought, recently started to make a profit.although the two companies are from different planets, after they undoubtedly belong to a kind of start-ups.

at the beginning of the venture, founder of the company's rapid development has forced rush to hire more people.in general, the human resources department will organize recruitment in accordance with company policy;in the beginning, the company less people, the job of hr doesn't exist.as a result, the original that a few recruit employees may be just the friend came into the company;in addition, don't keep line between higher and lower, the night before the manager is going out with subordinates hi, the second day to assess the performance of the latter.

in fact, even the success of start-ups are unavoidably influenced by the peter principle, the principle that employees performance is good, if in the original position will be promoted to a higher position;if the employee can continue to do, however, will be promoted further, until she reached him not qualified for the position.in fact, grow fast startup how smart don't need to employees, they only need staff don't mistake.this kind of company like"food benefits(rentier state) government-as long as you don't get mixed up with a subordinate or invade another country, we will be able to get the money, don't worry about food and drink.

in unreliable start-up, founder to reward the old employees, make these loyal"veteran"rapid promotion-"you know, when they finally come, we don't even have office."

to be honest, i was once such a veteran.i worked in three years, from workplace newbies make the head-i run a team of more than 40 people, to the beginning to end to make a pair of"everything in my hands".of course, this is not to say we don't have made these elders, but we will be promoted because old, rather than ability.

and then, when this kind of startup is gradually mature, began to hire real talents, new employees see was a mess:no to superior leadership of the team, to make a lot of mistakes and can't change the decision.in fact, there are children are usually reluctant to join venture company, because the risk is too big;but if these people is the founder?high-they invariably begin to buy luxury goods, elon musk, into the high status.

in fact, that's what i want to poke fun at second point, founder of startup.lack of leadership of the startup is only the simple combination of a gang-they with a group of passenger bus station waiting for a bus.the founder must understand the company's products or services, and for the company's goals and achieve the goal of strategy has a clear understanding.i don't know how did not do this company get millions of dollars in investment, but i'm sure this company really do exist.

under normal circumstances, in order to the company to work, the boss often don't have much chance to show individual character.recall that you know"grumpy"mostly didn't make it leadership positions-even if it did, the company also big size.

imagine a scenario-ceo on my way to work to see an ad, was immediately decided to their new market strategy, after inspiration and immediately after the office staff is new plan into action.under normal circumstances, this kind of thing happen.but if you like me bad luck, met just is a founder of the capriciousness, self-confidence kokomo narcissistic ghosts, that this kind of thing is normal.

in fact, in many respects, we can see the founder of the character flaws:in front of the interviewer and customer unrestrained lying, do completely contradictory decision and ridiculous idea and ask employees to provide solutions...because some idea is not feasibility, employees often can only say"work"-which has led to the problem of the boss doubt staffing levels.

with myself, my two former club often confused priorities-they are just casually.they often staring at a computer hard knocked at the keyboard, as the table as a punching bag, so they send staff to the sea mail is explained.

in order to coexist peacefully with this reality boss employees took out a superhuman patience and tenacity-in fact, we have to for the boss of the powerful and unconstrained style idea"quality control".politely refuse the boss best employees;say"no"directly, it could be the boss as its grand plan"obstacles"-in fact, this help the boss with a bunch of firefighters extinguishing.

of course, not all start-ups are so terrible, some companies still have the potential to make a big success, but the company is almost entirely depends on the founders and senior staff.lucky, you will have a vision, industry respect boss;at the same time, please be sure to stay alert-don't be trapped by the erratic company to confuse.

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