lei jun: go out first-class five-star suite business failure risk is very high

as millet company chairman and ceo, lei jun another identity:the national people's congress.

lei jun is the fifth time this year as representatives of the npc, the npc and cppcc sessions he submitted three proposals:to speed up the implementation of national strategy of artificial intelligence, develop the new retail new kinetic energy, stimulate the real economy, and promote science and technology enterprises in china to sea.

in the media interview after the meeting, lei jun also talked about his attitude towards entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence and the new understanding of retail.lei jun that go out is a five-star suite, first class, this undertaking the risk of failure is very high.

according to him, millet pilot in the international market also do now new retail, half a year of blockbuster of artificial intelligence in the future.artificial intelligence, he argues, is the most important technological revolution in the next 10 years, almost all of the future technology company is artificial intelligence.

simple about first proposal.

a, suggestions for speeding up the implementation of national strategy of artificial intelligence,

lei jun recommended on the basis of the original policy to take more forceful measures to promote the development of artificial intelligence.main suggested content is:

1, at the national level the top design and patent planning for the development of artificial intelligence;

2, strengthen the research of the basic theory of artificial intelligence and the core technology breakthrough;

3, strengthen the cultivation of scientific research personnel, technical personnel and artificial intelligence introduction;

4, actively establish artificial intelligence production-study-research cooperative innovation community.

2, about developing the"new retail", stimulate the real economy new kinetic energy.

as well as artificial intelligence, new retail lei jun is mentioned at the annual meeting of the millet this year five one of the core strategy.about the proposal, the three main areas of content:

1, and better on power and reduction of political decentralization, providing guarantee efficiency for the"new retail";

2, increase support to the rural market, by the"new retail"poverty alleviation"consumption";

3, continue to push forward structural tax cuts, as the"new retail"creating loose environment;

three, seize the historic opportunity"area", effectively promote china's science and technology enterprises to sea

in addition to artificial intelligence, new retail this two proposals, it is not hard to guess the lei jun also puts forward some suggestions of driving china's science and technology enterprises to sea.

1, the peak bbs"area"international cooperation mechanism, promote multi-level communication and long-term, making it the policy is the important carrier of communication;

2, to promote cooperation with along the rest of the world of the internet, the internet of things as infrastructure unicom important component;

3, suggest that the chinese government foreign institutions to set up the"area along the ombudsman"function, in major cities to foster"lead"incubators, implement the strategy of"going out"upgrade.

again to talk about business.

"out of the door are five-star suite, first class, this undertaking the risk of failure is very high."-lei jun this sentence will be widely spread.in reporter asked whether his work state, often eat lunch box, flying economy class, he say such things.

bring here, lei jun in the office eat lunch box

lei jun says, he co-founded the joyo sold to amazon in 2004, have long been completed the accumulation of wealth.in this premise, in 2010 he founded the millet company, at that time he was 40 years old,"i think my life no matter the result how, i want to do some great things."

to lei jun, earth-shattering not doing mobile phone, but change the status quo of china, how to let ordinary people enjoy and good quality, design, nice, good quality, price and cheap goods.and then change the image of the chinese goods, create chinese brand in the world.

"i used to do the software and the internet, i saw air is a lot of problems, so we have to mobile phone as a breakthrough point, and then push the industry progress.i think its unusual dream inspired myself, i am going to put myself as a true entrepreneur, if i think i'm a food, so live a rich life, i think it's can't startup again, this is i really want to tell the truth, i think the rich second generation entrepreneurs are prone to failure."

lei jun says he founded in 2010, millet is really think of yourself as the entrepreneurs, like 20, more than 30 years old of entrepreneurs, they state what kind of work and life, he is like.lei jun think only in this way can truly successful.

"at the beginning you overtime accompanied with me to work overtime, you eat lunch box i accompany you to eat lunch box, you travel economy class economy class, i was on a business trip in home inns, home inns, i live it is the time of 10 years, because i am a angel."

lei jun says, in the process of a business, he saw himself as a real entrepreneur."today, the internet has a lot of entrepreneurial success later for a second, the third round of entrepreneurs, i think in this time may put the mentality to deal with, i think that will make it easier to success."

in the past 2016 years, the development of millet mobile phone is not very good, according to idc, millet mobile phone in 2016, domestic shipments fell 36% year-on-year, shrinking market share to 8.9%.therefore, millet earlier this year the annual meeting of the company, lei jun puts forward the five core strategy of millet company this year, including black science and technology, new retail, artificial intelligence, etc.

during the two sessions of media communication, ali and jingdong enterprise also recently in the media is the talk of the"new retail"repeatedly asked about a topic.in lei jun's view, the new retail refers to the integration of online and offline, electricity business technology and thinking to help improve the user experience, offline retail promote efficiency.

he thought each view is consistent, may each path is not the same.ali is buying entity retail, help its own transition, and millet are proprietary."people feel the rent is high, when it comes to physical retail artificial is very expensive, so expensive, i think we can do it just like electricity efficiency and cost."lei jun said.

"i don't think millet to electricity, millet electric shangyan into new retail.i even think that electricity is a new retail.the characteristics of new retail is efficient, how to improve the customer experience.so we the successful experience of practice in the chinese market will also be used in the international market, so now also pilot in the international market to do a new retail, in addition to electricity to do new retail."lei jun said.

in his view, huawei is a channel model is given priority to, oppo and vivo is give priority to in order to store, promoters, millet is with three different business models.

this year's annual meeting in millet company, lei jun 2017 small target is put forward for the first time millet revenue of billions, when asked about the goal.lei jun says:"billions to say at the end of this year.i think this small target probability 90%, also may not achieve them."

, he argues, billions of target whether can finish is not important, he just want to tell everyone about what size in millet.

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