car home li xiang: entrepreneurship ten years experience

the second to have the most important of all the communication and exchanges of confidence, when i do a bubble net not confident, make home of car is very the core of a reason for confidence is to own cognitive, you know what you want, know what you can give up, you're confident.most of the time don't confidence is what want.and confident because of you, a lot of people will trust you, let others trust you, from you have a dream, you are confident, this is as a founder of the second important factor.

as i review my first business, i only dream, but i'm not confident.i do not naturally.

the third popular name is a good topic, namely, to bring the special strategic direction to make clear, because the more simple and effective strategy clearly, can significantly enhance the efficiency of the team.strategy is that the cow force by ordinary people to achieve very good results, bad strategic genius into fool.what we want to go, you will see, all of the strategy is we know in which position, where the most effective strategy is to achieving your dreams, and simple and effective, we listen to understand.

fourth, insist on, if not insist, lost everything.insist on very important, must hold to get results, have the determination to want to be the first, because no one is willing to talk to a only was willing to work together as the founder of the second, everyone want to be the boss, but no one would dare to think about it.

the last one to share interests, know to team to share interests.said the easy, actually also is very difficult, can not let the team hungry, also can't let the team support dead, including management of expectations, this is a very system.

so a founder, must conform to the five.we often look back, the past a lot of things didn't make it, because it's five o 'clock in the lack of time.

you will find all of the requirements is very interesting, we set up this system, users can accept all of the requirements change.a beijing users in buy parallel imports, call me, i can buy the car at the same time, also need you to help me sell a used often a customer, we can do some business.

then you could cut on the finance and the past, we have no way to, just to provide sales leads, now firmly grasp the user, and this model can certainly become, it is not difficult to sell cars, but we in the patience to wait.patience to wait for more distributors and manufacturers to the end of the conflict of interest.9:

experience product service decided to sales, brand decision margins

i think the enterprise to a certain size, brand's problems.i think car home will face two challenges, a new business model, and is just said another is the issue of brand, brand especially hard to do.i didn't know what is through two cases, the real brand.corporate culture, we set a standard, what is good for the enterprise, is the most fundamental is to create a brand standard, what is good for users.

now many companies did the most stupid thing, with their company culture when the enterprise brand, some companies tell the user own company culture, everyday users, because no relationship with me.many companies also wrong to fame as a brand, in fact this is different, because visibility is traffic problem, is the business of traffic, land and good brand no inevitable relations.

i speak of the first case, is i'm starting to do car there is one thing special don't understand is that toyota is five times the value of their brands of the masses.because at that time we especially like volkswagen, and toyota's sales also just about 10% of the masses.until a moment, before soar team hang fracture after that, i finally understand, why this two brand value five times.we went to see a problem, first look at the two companies' enterprise culture, toyota's corporate culture, as we all know that strives for perfection, strive for perfection to what extent, assembly line, the action of workers are go to toyota international conference rooms, one of them from one room to another room, want to run, very pay attention to all kinds of efficiency.

the mass culture are engineers, the early beginnings of the masses with esp, turbo, laser welding, the public impressed all the people, he is an engineer's culture, the two different corporate culture.

to brand this one, you find not the's brand and has nothing to do their own enterprise culture essence, he in shaping an easy brand's advertising, always a unified brand image, relaxed, will find anyone buy a toyota doesn't matter, you buy a toyota is its brand, not a product, any product out because toyota isn't the best performance and function, but is to sell the front of the test media in the united states, always two brand, one is the public, one is a mazda, but the two brands but add up all the cars in the united states have a toyota models.

public performance is a typical engineer.mass advertising, you will find that the public didn't brand think again what impression on the public advertising, it doesn't have any topic, take pan clap your head today, how do you buy this car back.tomorrow another crime, in the car exploded, said my car is very strong, the criminal was killed, but the car is ok.there is also a prick silk, sit in the test drive psychosexuality, are such ads.finally found no brand appeal.

there is a problem, for the consumer attitude would be much different.when the economic crisis in 2008, toyota brake has a problem, but not toyota's problems, the government crackdown on the toyota in the united states.need to go apologize, toyota will go wherever the apology.who need to apologize to anyone, just to apologize.

the masses in china are broken shaft, whether dsg problem, or after the suspension, the public basic every day in a year's time talking about me right.finally, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine force they recalled, their reason for your own good recall, but we still yes, it's like engineers, mouth hardcore.although vw has done a lot, but there is no brand, always take enterprise culture in the presence of brand use.

we finally found a relationship, what brand and product service decided to sales, brand decided to profit margins.particularly, brand sales and can't decide, but the brand decided to profit if minus the porsche and audi, looking at public, its basic only a third of the toyota, margins they sell almost level about the price.this is my first feeling.

the second sense, the biggest change is the apple, we are always on the analysis of the apple, because apple is so successful, all the people looking at apple from billions of dollars to more than hundreds of billions of dollars, the apple is so successful.but mining apple deepest reason, one layer back, see it out of the watch today, go see mobile phone, and look forward more ipod, which is one of the biggest turning point.

actually brand apple doesn't do before, is the enterprise the thought of apple in the past, immediately think of steve jobs, apple all phenomenon with jobs tied together, and spirit of the geek, break the old world, all of this.but what do you think of when you consume, most people think that apple this brand doesn't matter to me, do you know this brand, know about it, company founder very cow, the brand that's ok with date, the same problem of an enterprise is called tesla.

the biggest change after steve jobs returned to apple, apple really do brand, continuing the apple corporate obvious feature, the brand first, in the product.he put the apple computer into apple, not be the same brand at this's advertising no longer speak revolution, also do not speak jobs, recall that apple's advertising, from that moment until now is basically consistent.images of pop music, relaxed, comfortable experience, since so many years, atmosphere is the same picture.

including apple's color, after he went to do after a product has changed, before apple computer or transparent shell, colorful.from then on, all apple products are turned into black, white, silver, grey, no one will hate the color.

apple first set up an account and start from itunes, he found that to really set up the brand, i need to set up shop, i need more product is sold directly on my own.also including the definition of actually later product color, experience the definition, it is no longer a geek, but for most people to satisfactory design.

some people say that the success of apple is steve jobs do product, actually think this was not entirely.we see the biggest change in the above products, set up shop, service, brand is apple really do, is supporting the brand, it has a follow-up all let it began advertising is such a dozen brand, enterprise's propaganda is so propaganda, so this is the biggest apple a change.

the apple is the only one in all computer brand established the account system, also is the brand of the most simple and clear.if one's mind without water, basically won't hate is transformed into one of the most successful enterprises under the new business model, no one.enterprise brand, the user account system and sales model, be short of one cannot.

see later everything just as a result, but the biggest turning point in the brand level.and apple brand truly become a populist, let everyone like brand, any product of science and technology in the world, can do the degree, almost no, just this one.this brand and then use the new business model, follow brands synchronization is a new business model, because only the business model, truly best for you buy any phone, how much software, what consumer software, all apple, so he wants to good product improvement, there is little difficulty.this is everything i see apple.

so many companies will encounter bottlenecks at a certain stage of development, their corporate culture is very good, but there is no brand, lack of brand definition, how to judge, how to do it products and services.

home of auto positioning of the brand name is"reliable", because the user selected car to buy a car here, that there is a difference with a lot of electricity, but really do it, it is not easy.if we define the reliable, there will be a trade-off, some things have a lot of traffic, but it is not this thing with reliable, we should stop, this guide with our products and services to do next.

the user at the time of buying a car, many companies will quote price of very empty, so as to be cheap.we don't, we will tell you what is the price of the actual, how much we sell, prices are transparent, contains three years warranty is how many money, including the registration, we all things transparent, let users can trust, this is the brand of things to do.if a startup company started thinking about the brand, request is too high for him, but to a certain stage, actually limit the core problem is that there is no brand.

the way we do best products points three levels, the highest is the brand, brand definition to the feeling of what to bring to consumers.second, i think it is defined requirements, but if the two companies also meet the same requirements, must be the brand decided to consumer choice.the third level is a function, they are one layer decomposition.

the apple is now mobile phone batteries into cannot remove, one reason is that it is the first layer of the pretty enough, if the design pretty enough, really have no way to make a change after the shell, it is this logic.because the decision to buy mobile phones very not good-looking, not you don't change the battery.

if an enterprise to stand in the angle of the function to do a product, ask anyone, you need not to need to change batteries, all people said i need to change the battery.said most of the enterprise, you need to change the battery, i will give you change the battery.the team more professional, the easier it is to make mistakes, accumulated a lot of people do function, do a lot of features.

as separate out every function you think is right, because you don't have a layer of judgment standard.if you have a layer of the judgment standard, you will find a lot of functionality is not needed.this is the most primary products we do, from the perspective of function.the ultimate, the perspective of from bottom to top.from the perspective of brand of advanced.from down to up is the primary team.

your second question, the intelligent hardware do you have any requirements, there must be some demand, because the hardware used to do is very poor, do hardware and made a second mistake, always thinking about the cost price, back to make money out of data.

user no one care about how much money you cost, how much money you cost pass i fart matter.many foreign propaganda pricing when cares only about himself, but what is important to the user.suv, for example, chinese people are like suvs, essentially consumption is security, not safety, more not 40% of passenger car sales are suvs.99% have never been to off-road suv users, even no highway cement road.and there only precursors by more than 90%, no all-wheel-drive.

there are chinese people want to buy a lengthening of car, the core of the problem is not because i'm in the car the leg space is not enough, he is the function of the minor, but a feeling level, because chinese people insecure.why chinese people insecure, because chinese people without faith, without faith, will is this time he felt that the car is bigger, more safe, he want to sense of security is not security.ten:

experience need to be the founder of the five traits

learning ability is the first important.and the ability to learn is not to say that you want to see what books, any dimension you want to learn.into another dimension, because i often tell me the team entrepreneurship, because i haven't worked as a staff, i say how can become a qualified, the founder of the founder needs what abilities.after we chat, formed a consensus, as a founder of the need to have a dream, because you have a dream, is really willing to follow, founder need to dream, learn just basic essential ability.

i said that we think you should do it.they said you have to send them how much overtime pay?i say we have no overtime pay, this is the way we use some of the people are very identity, in fact, employees are also willing to, because he is not willing to guess what they want, leadership everyday want to do, when we were in communication is the same.

at the time of making any decisions, is a very simple way, all the people are all up, all people have thrown up all the ideas.rejection after the debate, said immediately, after finish, then everyone sort.i finally found, in fact i want to with what they want is the same.

why many corporate decisions particularly slow, the meeting open long, the core of the problem, everyone at the meeting, each person based on a different perspective on the meeting, so understanding is not the same.normal intelligence, if we see is the same, very easy to make the same choice, and everyone will think that is their our meeting efficiency is very high, and many companies are very different.

another startup give me another ascension, is how to talk to people and communication.not speak most is before me, say that finish words let people hate me.i was talking too care about, too care about the want to say all say oneself to go out.

then i more the ability of two, one is i will listen to, i will listen very carefully.including why qin to want to come to me this, because he is in the face of these people, i am the most patience to listen to him.because i believe that a person is willing to put all the things to speak with you, will trust to you.what is not before i hear, i decide, i don't listen to, so the team particularly unstable.basic go 50% last year, is very normal, but the house is all internet company staff turnover rate is the lowest.listening is the first.

the second, telling each other to the listen, i'm sure i will speak of you want to express, but to tell the other party to listen, and speak each other can understand things as much as what do you do any ppt, as far as possible not to explain to you will be able to understand, because it has the highest efficiency is at this moment.from the president of the company to employees on the bottom of the us after you have read to understand if is the same, does not need extra explanation, high efficiency of the company will be a mess.

experience six:the establishment of the business model, enclosure, products, operations, business

began in 2007, we become a business.more recently started business, our business logic from the start, actually had already won the portal, so later than all of them are the natural do we see business, is the problem of internet traffic, it's long been defined, as an internet platform, its business model with commercial real estate is the same.

the logic of commercial real estate, and made an example wanda, the first thing is to have a piece of land, so he took a piece of land.the second thing, i want to have the product, his product is apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels.and then do the third stage, i want to start operations, property, security, investment promotion department, sales department of a pile of things.the fourth stage, wanda to commercialization, cash, it is what kind of way of cash, i sell apartment office, i put the stores to rent out.then i found that the hotel and cinema is good, but the rent is bad to rent, so he chose the prop, this is wanda overall mode of cash, have to sell, rent, and proprietary.this is one of the most standard, the logic of commercial real estate.

we thought the internet level, commercial essence has not changed, but the land holding mode has changed.that was then and more shallow, but the years enough to use.

we think the most important link is the third part, land access to the internet.we found that the land of the internet, with the real land value measure model of the same.there are two indicators to form the value of the land, the user number multiplied by the user's consumption ability.such as an example, on chang 'an avenue to suburb, estuary metro subway estuary metro subway traffic was similar, but changan avenue on the land may be three times more expensive, because we really believe that, in the people's consumption ability of estuary metro subway, consumption ability than people that came out of the estuary metro subway three times higher.

we have a vc to investment before ipo, surprised to find that our traffic unexpectedly with watercress.i told him to tell a truth, i said our value is higher than douban, why, because our traffic, but to us it is to buy a car, go and listen to the music and read douban, commercial value make a huge difference.if in today, the difference of 10 times for each user, so we should be more expensive than it 10 times, with the reality in the land.

and the real land it is difficult to form the monopoly, the internet will be one to two the land monopoly, then people won't want to buy land.this is why many car manufacturers, auto 4 s shop later group make their own electricity, 10 cars a year can't sell, there is no land, and in reality, the internet have no land at in the third part, came into being in the land.

the fourth link is commercialized, we sell the advertising is very good also, fixed advertising, like apartment, hotel, didn't start of the second year, it sold out.we found that there are a large number of users to buy car traffic, this is very similar to the mall, so we should go to the shop substation, to take these flow to 4 s shop, because it is the same as above a 4 s on it to open a shop, a month can be much more than a dozen cars sold to 20 cars, too.

so we call dealers themselves, with wanda shops rent pattern is the same.we have a lot of traffic at that time, the hotel, do cinema is not appropriate, because the electricity that time is not up.we tried to do electricity flow, self-management, are not very well.

well now, you buy a car from the internet is not a problem now, is out of our electricity business model, and c2c mode of used cars, more like the inside of the wanda cinema, hotel, adopted a proprietary manner.this is our complete a business model.

with the business logic, car brand is very easy to accept our model, how much income ratio is nothing but assign you.4 s shops once cast, input and output ratio is too high, only pay thousands of dollars a month, the average more than a dozen cars can sell, we use this pattern has been reached today.this year at the front of the two patterns, advertising models with dealers, combined income is about more than 30, probably more than 20 last year.this is me about business.

back again, so far we have encountered new problems, in fact, our own rental mode, now this is our biggest revenue, not auto manufacturers ads.our team is very clearly divided into three teams, one team is there to obtain is our traffic acme commercial.there is also a new team, i tell you about the new business model, we need to conform to the new business model in the future.experience

7:upgrade business model, and seize the characteristics of three

new model has three characteristics, do you want to master your user data and behavior, it is no use only master the company do all illegal queries on market is worthless, because he got the user's information, there was no difference to nhtsa buy with you.

you must be familiar with his behavior data, what did he do in you here, must be back to the home of car, the car's home is very clear know each user's shopping behavior, interested in what car, over the past few months, in which area we all clearly know, conversion efficiency is very high, this is the first factor.

the second factor, must control the trading and service quality.if you don't grasp, he go to 4 s shop i don't master the service.the most obvious example is the taxi company, if you the money to the taxi driver, you get the service is like that.if the money to give to the drops quickly, the service is another situation.if you want to get the best service, is your best self.if the implementation is not proprietary, must implement the control, if you don't control the deal is no the traditional business model is very interesting, including auto manufacturers, to estimate the 4 s shops may interpret a table filled with regulations, to manage the 4 s shop, but because of its business model is a wholesale business model, and the service was unable to control.

master trading and control service, i think china now are facing such a change in all walks of life, including a variety of wholesale mode, service the 4 s shop, because now the wholesale mode to the brands and dealers, and interests of consumers do not agree completely, this is a huge problem, and there are a lot of industry, are faced with the transformation of including decoration industry is like this.

the third point, from the user's behavior data and transaction data, promote efficiency with technology, formation of such a closed car, driving all day about five to ten single, but 30 single car to pick the past we always speak, internet companies to light to light to light, now light does not light.first it is important to have a good service to the customer, the efficiency high enough.

manage technology can help.used to imagine a company quickly began to manage tens of thousands of people is impossible, but now a quick management tens of thousands of people work, there is no any problem.this is our home of car following changes, the most direct is to sell cars, we will be bought from manufacturers, a variety of ways to sell the car.and you sell cars, all melt in, including will do a series of things, this is the home of the car until today.

experience 8:enhances the conversion to rationalize trade chain, to grasp the core link

it to sell cars, many people believe that our success rate is very low, some people think that ali, jingdong in, then we do, we all sell cars chain from beginning to end, find it what can do, what we can't do.will find in the chain, from beginning to end, the only thing can do is we have no payment tool, i want to use other payment is no problem, this is not a thing.

so from the very beginning to purchase a car, until finally surrendered to the user, the car to do after-sale, found the two core competitiveness, in the chain is jingdong and ali don't have.we actually in the process of selling, find out the competition.

the first competition, all our users can buy on the net, but want to telephone counseling, consulting and almost 100%.can you do sell a car to go out not consulting, found that can't least the next three to five years, all want to telephone counseling.user types demand, above the mall i know you have a car, be sure to confirm it again, can rest assured, thereby to hear and see is not the same.many people go shopping, taobao page write clearly, but you will still take want want ask, more need car so big.

the second is the person who has specific requirements.the man knows what he want to buy car, but he is very lazy, i'll tell you what color i want, what type of car, probably how many money, you help me to find it.

the third class of users, in two car i don't know which one to choose, you give me a suggestion, you bought the car for me at the same time, this is a basic demand to solve.because this kind of person, first call center development is quite good, now already do is full, the solution to every day hundreds of car to buy.

we found another important link, the link is car, car segment is very like electricity in logistics, we try to help us to pay the car 4 s shops, service quality is very poor, who make consumers believed that a car is bought in man's hand, and hand in the car, you can eat to the financial business, can bring better experience for him, so we build car team, we are to the user.

because of the car segment, we to pay link and drop down, a lot of people don't like to pay in full, he likes to pay some money, to the scene to brush the pos is finished.up to now, the user's satisfaction is very high, because we'll wash your car clean, standing in the user's point of view how to use this car, not in accordance with the specifications, or simply do not speak.

we will not put the whole process of protracted, a car basically is delivered within an hour or two.did you go to 4 s shop to buy a car, you go to buy a car, car link takes you one day, very bad experience.we this time of a day, the brand basically good, do link into our very strong competitive power, to help us a lot of things.we have to pay car ability, has the ability to dominate the 4 s shop, we control the service, and won the free space, they get after-sales and insurance users.

then, we use the high school when i use that, to the update frequency.we found that all cars website on saturday and sunday are not updated.we will do two parts on saturday and sunday, timeliness strong update on saturday, part of the time interval, update on sunday.on saturday and sunday so have update, when traffic stream, belong to the free flow.because any consumers on saturday, all need a car, at that time really nothing to see, very anxious to see a website an article ten times.

we do this later found that is not enough:why, then go to work every day in the morning, open a computer will see website, look at your website and the content of the day, how sad.when do the second set, additional updates every afternoon a group of content, update on the second day morning at 8 o 'clock.when all people open the website in the morning, still only a web site is updated, is the home of car.

then did the third improvement, increase the update to visit in the evening rush hour.the first pc era at 8 o 'clock, 9 o 'clock is the rush hour, there is still no update, then we made 8 pm to update again.we use the update so a recruit, less than half a year's time, our visitors into the top three, then still don't have any promotion fee.when we left in front of the two car web site.

to date, 365 days throughout the year insist on saturday and sunday, major holidays, morning, evening have to update the website, updated content is comprehensive, is not a simple articles, articles, market updates, all all users here know how to update, don't let him guess, you for this thing always insist to do, he can feel.i think this decade to stick, for our family, until today there is no second can do that.other web sites often come up to a new editor-in-chief, lively, made two or three months, and then back to prototype, how about the how.this help our visitors entered the top three.

in the top three, began to have car makers and car agent company resources, auto makers conference, will test drive, can participate in.first get an invitation to the carmakers will test drive, that is our most exciting, when in 2006, at that time we did the third important thing.before we participate in a test drive will all cars website after attending the automakers will test drive, articles published time is usually a week later, it's not the internet company, it is too dirty, incredible.

then we become the public enemy of the entire automotive web sites and the media, most of the time rob their interests because of you, not too seriously in business, but you let them live not so comfortable, began to hate us.middle also suffered very much resistance, even with a pr way limit our first to send articles in advance.we found the best manufacturers will not participate in resisting the smartest, we often give us try driving a month ago.others send the listed price, our test article came out, the clever the end of 2006, in the three way, let us flow into automobile vertical website first.5:

experience team management, enterprise culture should not need to explain

bubble net early, we don't hire outside of homo habilis, recruit staff, actually more like a heap of assistant, shout a voice which ran and ran which, no strong person inside the team.when encounter problems, think of what you learn and how to solve.what kind of ability, what will make it.the home of the car, the thinking pattern is reversed.first, we must to do any of our own can do the first, our own to do, we can't do the first, must find someone can help us do the first, to join in the team, what he wants.

car home nor from bubble net too many people, because of the bubble net people are already accustomed to it site that kind of thinking logic, we hope that a new logic of thinking.because we think we can change, but can not change the original employees.

in 2006.we have completed the first thing, we have the traffic and will start to make the operation and management.before we flow do first, what ads don't pick up, delivery of advertising all don't pick up, don't pick up any ads.advertising is more interesting at that time, some advertisers to us, in 2 million, where it doesn't matter, if they want to take 1 million, are all like this.the whole car advertising industry should thank us, and we give kickbacks in the auto industry is not possible, flow to first makes hard.

we flow to do first, hand is hard, to establish a business team, management way through the xue savages connections, use his connections to help our the first thing to do at that time, he introduces the financial controller to us, we have chosen one of the most young.there are a lot of people, not with us.finally found the pwc's manager, is now the vice-president of our financial.

when trying to find the coo, he gave me five or six are introduced, finally chose one of the most impossible, is the qin dynasty, because before seen in early qin, the first time i see him not like him, he also doesn't take a reason i, later chat later found that this is what we at that time, he was sold to that time the qin dynasty to have three choices, one is to go to google, and to us.there will be a big advertising company, all airport advertising scored.

to qin, kept chatting with our team, then we here.i tube user related, qin at that time, and whatever i am, he all business and management fact i have said, if, in accordance with the order, from 2005 to 2005, we do have the products, the first thing this is the first thing.

as of today, the home of auto business for ten years.go back to see, when a team set up, once the enterprise culture, is the outcome of the automotive website have already decided on, behind is just a process, a matter of time.including now i see a lot of companies, the biggest problem is the company to do a certain amount of time, not to establish enterprise culture, this is a very big problem.

what is corporate culture?

a lot of people say corporate culture, we long to reach a consensus, good enterprise culture is a group agreement, a simple and effective standards, to define what is good for business.many companies, the contradiction of the fight between shareholders and political struggle.but you ask every one, even if the enterprise get died with him, everyone said i to the enterprise is good, other people is not good for business, say to listen to him also makes of the biggest problems but you, and you never agreed, what is good for business.

in fact, the first thing, in addition to doing mission, vision, follow the book, the most important for the enterprise the corporate culture at that time, we can say by the end of 2007, you do today, to do good, what is the most fundamental reason, or you want the company to become what kind of enterprise, because had the power, to become what kind of enterprise.

everyone is a completely open at that time, everyone to write on the blackboard, you write up a thought of it.without exception, all of them to write down the first is to put the interests of consumers in the first place, never changed, all think of this one.wrote a lot, including one, particularly interesting, there was a colleague to write an article, and people work together, it was later we ever lost, i said that in order to win, to someone you don't like to work together, don't like the one who is, won't become our core, but will still be working with him.

finally get a screen, is very simple, the remaining three, this is good for business, not to do so, it is not good for business.all the people take this three evaluation.

the first is our principle, the interests of consumers in the first place.

the second is the way we judge, do the right thing, don't be easy.

all say especially popular.later, many people have to through, what is the right thing, what is easy.then make sales for kickbacks easy, don't give kickbacks, but did not give rebate is correct.attract advertising sales, said to do car not give kickbacks, how is it possible.two years later, every time to the meeting, they all say the most important decision was to not give rebate.why, because car advertising line is too big, many clients a billion a year or more, give kickbacks ten points, do you want to his if give kickbacks, he won't give you a higher limit, because he also considered one of his condition.

in the second place, a very important reason, auto makers old substitution, auto makers, in particular, in charge of market opening, the basic two to four years will be in those who, in those who will stop off most of the advertising media, in addition to the car.home of because they know they are not paying kickbacks, don't need to survey the previous take what money, how much money from the who, never, so the car home.our advertising is not affected by personnel changes.

the third, don't think about to rebate these things.sense of their biggest, the commission in this matter, save more time, into a more performance.more importantly, they think their unprecedented respectable clients, this is the one of the biggest feeling that after they some people then move out, come back soon, they have already can't stand to kickbacks ethos.

the third article, based on our past experience in the related, of course, most of the time you will find all the opponents are based disdains the cow force can't do that, this is a very common thing.0 to 60 things don't want to do, what do you want to be old more than 60 or even 80.but 80 points didn't ability, finally do two or three points, eventually, in 100 points to get a two or three points.

we found the basis, has decided the outcome.more than 60 points, decided how long can you win, so we in the third article, at the time of the execution, and have a standard, just do 60 points, 100 points to do again.a come up all the basic things to do first, for basic things is the most easy points, is also the easiest way to determine the outcome.this is our set three enterprise culture at that time.

is another"built to last"speak of the vision of the enterprise.our vision to did not change today, may sound a little soil, that is"to help consumers to purchase and use car.the things we struggle for a long time, we really is to help automobile consumers, and help users in cars, or to help car enthusiasts, lovers.we must help the consumer, the consumer good definition, he bought a car is a consumer, not the car we don't you can't see the concept car is in the house of car, car home do concept show is not models.we only service consumers, that was the definition of the important things.

enterprise culture brings the effect has exceeded our expectations.up to now, our sales, if a case against the interests of consumers, advertising, not pick up that he could do, this is very effective to help us manage company, manage to today, and very recognition.

this kind of things, to a certain extent, will become like faith.when you find another company don't do that, a lot of people can't stand, so this is the biggest a help to us.

so judging an entrepreneurial teams, it is the company or enterprise, i think the most core question, is it exactly have corporate culture, and the enterprise culture have to comply., of course, if you see the culture of an enterprise, article 20 of article 10, the company also pretty dangerous.both company objectives and company enterprise culture, is the best way you can speak out, don't need to explain, most of us can understand it.rather than see one, is to explain to you one more time.then i see a lot of companies do enterprise culture, also has such a, a, explain it with one page.out a, coupled with a page explains, that is in use process is dead.

why we went to the other company, others to double the money, in the end they will come back again, because he is not fit to other patterns.our staff do not need to take care of the feeling of the boss, don't take care of anyone's feelings, because the formation of the atmosphere of the enterprise is ruined, each of you to do your most should do it.

so the benefits is that we never give overtime pay, because he thought that work was his own, it's very normal.some time to consider overtime pay, staff said we don't, because he said don't, including subsidized meals he said that i put the invoice is not enough trouble.

i see many companies one to three or four assistant, our company all the nine vp, only an assistant, that person is only responsible for help us together all the time.we hope each staff put their energy to play his own greatest value.

li xiang, the car's home site's founder, former president of car's xiang is the typical representative of after 80, li xiang was still in high school in 1998 began to do personal website, register hubble-bubble net and began operations in 2005, li may lead the team from the it products to an auto industry expansion, create the car home present, the home of cars has now grown into a global automotive's most visited june 2015, li xiang stepped down as president, to continue as director of shareholders.

a:experience the user is always the most important

so the first thing i do, i will press on the market the most popular articles written style, how to choose the computer, display card, write something like that.better luck at that time, i threw the first article, is published in full computer intelligence, accounted for a sheet, and basically no was my first when i was in high income, about 600 dollars.then i kept on writing, wrote very much.

when the second half of the high, dial-up bbs pop up, we start with 14.4 k modem dial, and mailing list to discuss problems, including high school, began to have a personal website, also can surf the internet.i apply for your own personal website, called the home of the graphics card, because that 3 d display card when the that time in my teleport ranked first, and a rival ranked second.the second and later became my partner, fanzheng.

in the third year, it was the worst of the dotcom is very easy, showing ads on the site has more than 10000 dollars of income a month.combined with the payment i is almost close to$20000 a month, ten times more than my father and my mother together.

go back to think about it, i was working as a website, why traffic is high than others?actually very simple, i found all the website in user access to the most time() in the morning, there is no update.but everyone is in the morning on the internet, because at that time the first speed is fast, the second is the internet access is cheap.when i told them that the only different thing is i get up at 5 o 'clock in the morning every day, began to do the update, update out when i was 6 am to 6 pm.

internet word of mouth among, this website has update, everyone to my web site.actually, i am in the high school with such a recruit, share the same information port in the website are killed.competitors also scold me is a mental derangement, update the website to get up so early every day, they have been called to his website didn't, also did not like me to get up early to update, this is especially a good chance at that time.two:

experience trend is bad, it was useless to try again

in 2000, personal website into a bubble, bubble actually the development of the network is not smooth, because bubble net at the core of the original intention, started out as a personal website, this is my personal interests.this hobbies(like computer hardware) behind the ruined a lot of things.

when doesn't know what call management, what is a teamwork, then think of themselves as hard as possible, as far as possible to do more things to yourself and don't know the communication, also don't know how to arouse the enthusiasm of employees, what kind of management structure is, basically, a company can make all the mistakes, are all made the bubble net incisively and vividly.

another problem, we didn't care about the timing, is oneself to like, in fact, computer real outbreak period is from 2000 to 2000, after 2003, the entire computer market leveled off and went down.broke out in the market is the key to decide the outcome, flat or falling, try again is useless, land into a land grab.

we had basically work 14 hours a day, but the competition can work 12 hours a day, unless you can more than his work 30 hours a day, when the market is growing, alive or easily, want to become the first basically no chance.

experience three:entrepreneurship must be found to a"no.1"field

in 2004, i consult with partners to choose new areas, while hubble-bubble net and profit with some new things.

do new areas of the first important factor is not love, i may not like, but must be in this area can do the first, because all the year round to do old is a very painful thing, won't change anything.because you go to customer there, talk to the customer, the customer said that because the boss gave me these conditions, so you have to give, we didn't get to, what the customer says, what we promise, very we have to find an area where became the first.

was screened in the three areas, a tourist, a real estate, there is a car.

1) analysis of what you're good at, can you do a

look at the real estate, the bubble net there was probably more than 100 people.then do one of the best soufun, focus, and then the best real estate website.we went to the soufun, found that the reasons for the success of it is around the stations, because the house in beijing, shijiazhuang house has nothing to do with shanghai, it opened the substation.i looked at it and nearly 1000 people live in the country, and then we consider, this thing is done, because we only a total of more than 100 people, let's go to the management of a national distribution in so many city of one thousand people, this is not we are good at.this is the first to give up.

the second watch travel, travel at that time, do the best ctrip, then no one will take a phone app order, ctrip then do the most, is at the airport to send a card, call flight booking hotel.visit the web site is also holding a phone, no one directly on the website and single.i went to the ctrip, had been the best call center, and thousands of people, it's too hard, we do so much impossible to call centers, so take it to give up that travel out.

2) opponent is very poor, even if others also have the opportunity to

took a final look at the car, when a car is too good, can customize for us.why, first, the car is a standardized product, you can see the bmw 3 series, in beijing, shijiazhuang, urumqi, see is the same, this is very similar with what we are doing it category is very simple, car type less than they are now at that time, the complexity of the car is much less than when the complexity of the mobile phone category.this is the first factor.

the second factor, take a look at how people in the industry.i was when he said this is a bunch of garbage, all the people every day in the manufacturer's press release, don't do anything, lazy to the point where can't catch site there is competition, automobile website not, all of the people is to have a vendor's press release, pictures, just a matter of rivals are too weak, too much weaker than it site rivals.

3) seize opportunity, seize the seller market to buyer market transformation process

look at the third isn't a good time, because we're particularly care about the timing is good, because the bubble net missed opportunity.we found that the car is a very good time, why?because the car market with 1999, 2000, the computer market is very similar to that of a seller's market.

in 2004, have you made the car to sell.more ridiculous a car like the honda accord, from the first car produced premium, the upgrading of delisting in price.after a 4 s shop opened casually, a year.this year's 4 s shop, have no place to put car pile of inventory, accord preferential 30000 yuan.

thought the outbreak of any market, from a seller's market to buyer market transformation process, this is the essence of the outbreak.who is the first market at that time, with three years who is the first of its kind in the market, has nothing to do.

experience four:grasp the elements of the user, needs, and frequency, as well as the trust

to reflect business first time, i am a super technical experts, knew all about hardware technology.but it was found that no matter how to understand these technologies, if not seize the user demands, boasts professional, competitive, more like a kind of we must do the first shift, to customers, market-oriented, we cannot understand technology, also throw technology aside, this is the first change.

in addition to choose a good field, and is an important part of the users and the market as the guidance.what basic didn't do car home began to recruit people, looking for a partner, the two techniques, came to make the website, there is a person to write bbs, a person to write product library, a written release system.use for three months, after the spring festival, the foundation of this website is made, a total of 4 people at that time.

started a website, we will go to a good chat with friends, said we have to do a car web site, give us some advice.friend two kinds, one kind is, you do it site, what car website ah, have no money(because the car network combines the tens of millions of dollars) no resources, no connections, said to you.bubble net profits, don't blind spoilt.we have some friends have some to see before we also dry up from zero.they said give us advice, we'd better go to the existing car web, and auto media, dig some mature people come over, so that we can start quickly.

but we didn't listen to the two suggestions:the first is already on the road, it wouldn't be back again.second, when all of the media, all of the website, these employees are not what we want, because no one consider the needs of users.if you change them, this difficulty is much greater than we cultivate new after the spring festival for a group of college students, from scratch to write what we want, is the most easy.

why do product library, in addition to do product library at that time, can't do anything, because we don't know any car manufacturer, no auto professionals, also not the car.we also try to call car pr company, want some test car, want to join the activity.we play in the past, people usually ask what we do, we say we are the home of car.the other said you are the friends of the car?i said not friends of the car, is the home of the car.

it explains three years.i say we are home of car, a new website, haven't finished the other basic will hang up the phone.we think about the needs of users, all cars website at that time, no real pictures, taken a few sites they used the official images of the manufacturer.the official pictures is what feeling, just like you go to mutually close, see all of the ps users want as close as possible to the real photos, the ps is excessive, can ps a 18-inch wheels, the results found you buy is 15 inch wheels, can make such effect.when we see a user of a claim is that i want to see the real picture, so we do the first thing at that time, each person also few people(total), a digital camera to 4 s shop, take a photo on the cars.

due to the internet experience for many years, we started planning the very rigorous database structure, the haven't changed until today.the car classified according to the habits of people, according to the appearance, interior trim, chairs, and other details, we define the angles are fixed picture every detail.a car all the point of view, from which angle, are fixed.this for later analysis of the image contrast, database, provides a lot of help.

start car web site in the year there are hundreds of cars, took less than a year in 2005, our visitors coming into the automobile website top five, then no promotion costs.

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