sicong nu number of shared charging treasure: can i eat xiang success

, the main beauty makeup electricity gather beauty is superior to a total 300 million yuan cash investment mobile power leasing enterprises electrical technology co., ltd.shenzhen street, ms chen will become street electric's chairman, gather beauty is superior to street electric technology about 60% of the company.

for shared charging treasure to entrepreneurship, expensive for wanda childe sicong apparently not very optimistic, in the circle of friends angry group of shared charging treasure entrepreneurship unrealistic:shared charging treasure if i can i eat cheung, vertical stick to prove it.

for the speech, just as the shenzhen street electric company chairman the chen apparently also have other views, he said:

thank you, our supervision, not every project can do, entrepreneurial success is originally a small probability events, street electric done can do good, but hope don't because you don't let this project in wanda.

although do not have a"war"tooling, but ms chen in the comments section is obviously not so gentleman, direct say"live platform support, others sponsorship xiang?", seems to be not satisfied with the response to sicong.

as for sicong and ms chen who guesses will be successful, let's wait and see.

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