mr luo: be frightened by this trouble don't want to work the aggrieved person is not suitable for business

mr.luo thinks that the most suitable person for entrepreneurship is the combination of these two points, both eager to make a fortune, and not content to ordinary, the pursuit of a sense of achievement in a greater cause.

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welcome to my dry diary, hello, i'm mr luo.

leave the stage after so many years, i come back this time lectures, let's call it a lecture, feel very i'll say with you two topics:what man is suitable for entrepreneurship, and what is not suitable for business.

these two types of people is more suitable for business, have you?

the simplest, most naked, is eager to make a people make a lot of money

this is the majority of entrepreneurs out of the basic dynamic of this making more money to satisfy their material desires, or make more money to completely change the fate of himself and his family.this is the progress of human constantly struggle and one of the oldest power, there is no some extent, you can even think of the entire human history of business, is a poor man trying to commercial activities and personal struggle to change itself a history of poor fate.

low wasn't content to ordinary, need to gain greater satisfaction, a sense of achievement person

we have some people around when i was a child, have a plenty of natural aim high, of course, some of them are naturally have the illusion, or they just easy to aspiring people infected by the story.grew up in the process, after hit by all kinds of practical problems, most people would be dead.but if you grow to be in their 20 s and 30 s, even greater age, after the growth of all kinds of setbacks and difficulties, there is still no loss of these things, and seriously restless, occasionally also want to make a point what action, it might be very suitable for business people.

so simple to say that i think is two kinds of people is suitable for business, is a kind of want to make a fortune, one kind is not ordinary.the two basic quality is very good for, of course, the most perfect combination of these two points, both eager to make a fortune, and not content to ordinary, the pursuit of a sense of achievement in a greater cause.

the six kind of person is not suitable for business, pay attention!

those special be afraid of tired, especially to those who are afraid of trouble

most of some tired and trouble, impatient, there is a widespread acceptance.but some people are afraid of tired, afraid of all the trouble, when you work together to him, he always fell, delay, such people are usually not suitable for entrepreneurship.

do things no staying power, easy to give up

must clear almost all business is a long journey, don't just stare at the two star special case of the listed three to five years to do judgment.the vast majority of enterprises, including very smooth and very cow super large enterprises, came over the course of also is a long journey.

low compressive ability difference person

in the entrepreneurial process to withstand the pressure and the fear is beyond your imagination, it would make most compressive capacity of normal collapse.if a certain compressive ability is superior to the ordinary people of talent for the essence of entrepreneurship as individuals to farmland, in addition to failure without family is pulled out after the beheading, all other everything, and all his farmland is cruel.

low to want to venture it hesitant, confused for a long time people

if you are on business not excited about it, but hesitate to confusion, that are mostly not suitable for entrepreneurship.may fit with business, but may not be suitable for their own independent business.also don't always think about business, and now the business is not a healthy thing.

want freedom, don't want to work in the aggrieved person

there are some people who are on business this road, because feel character is not suitable for working for others, feel oneself be wronged, do not like to be the boss, the boss to arrange their own time, hope to be able to free some.if based on this reason to entrepreneurship, is severely old, entrepreneur's heart has been wronged hold big, you know a person to do the boss bear injustice, injustice more than when he was working countless times.this you must have a sober cognition.

low is very care about the people and the family time

one of the biggest lies about entrepreneurship, is the so-called good balance family and work, it is impossible in theory.once start a startup, it is full of work and family is difficult to balance.unless your startup project is 6 months and his wife open a big probability will collapse, such as the coffee shop or bookstore.probably that's it.

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