bill gates: i'm tells a true story about how to business success

nike is one of the world's largest sporting goods company, nike brand legendary leader phil knight was once a long-distance runner, eventually started with$1000 successfully created the market value of billions of dollars in kingdom of sport, bill gates, the secret of success, through this article analysis the nike gave you are on your way.

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when i read a biography of entrepreneurs, many of them follow the story of a conventional at the same time is also a kind of story it seems to me to mislead the looks something like this:a keen creative entrepreneurs to come up with a changing world, made a clear business strategy, recruiting the best partner, and then quickly fame and fortune with you.when reading these stories, i'm always surprised at how these people will have their achievement, as the inevitable outcome of the great foresight or some special is no wonder that publishers will churn out many with"how how how"as the title of the book, the inside is filled with neat to-do list and five-step implementation plan, and other simplistic entrepreneurial success.

phil knight(phil knight) by the dog shoes(shoe dog) is a book about nike(nike) founded after a memoir, this refreshing work honestly to show people the real appearance of the path to commercial success.this is a journey of chaos, danger, lack of order, full of errors, the endless struggle and fact, when you read the story of the knight from page to page, you will feel that his company will eventually ended in failure.

of course, today it is hard to link nike and failure.the company's annual sales of more than$30 billion, nike's of trademark has become one of the world's most famous trademark.almost everyone in the world on a street, you can see people wearing nike shoes.knight, however, the reader back to more than 50 years ago the company extremely humble and fragile that time, he began to use his plymouth warriors(plymouth valiant) car boot sales imported japanese sports shoes.

i and knight several times in the past.he is very kind, but also very quiet.and many other met him, i think he is a man who is hard to understand.although his company has been very famous, but he still is a fortune 500 company boss in the enigma.

however, in"shoes dog"words, the knight in a most ceos are not willing to take the way open to us.for himself and his failure, his attitude is very strict.he is not in conformity with the bold and energetic entrepreneur image.he was shy, reserved, and often lack a sense of security.he is used to do some nervous movements-when he was in business negotiations, nervous, he will stir wrist rubber wrist band, or cross your arms to embrace yourself.he took a few weeks to tell penny(penny) he likes her, penny later became his wife.but while or because he has unusual characteristics, he created a"crazy idea".in his own words, he wants to do something different with his life, and founded his own shoe company.

"shoes dog"chinese version published by the beijing union company published

knight interest in shoes comfortable study at the university of oregon in the beginning, when he followed the famous running coach bill bowerman(bill bowerman) running.during later knight to study for an mba at stanford, he wrote an essay, discusses the potential of sports shoes to the united states imported japan market that time, the japanese camera was eating into ruled by a german camera he thought, why don't you do the same japanese running shoes to try?he thinks that can use the japanese running shoes in top germany such as adidas and puma sneakers manufacturers products competition.

so far, this plot may sounds a bit familiar:this is a young entrepreneurs have idea to change the world went straight to the path of success.knight, however, the experience of the myth of a pieces.

this book the biggest suspense, lies in the knight unstable finances.he father gave$50 business began his shoe imports, founded a company called blue ribbon sports(blue ribbon sports) company, and the beginning years of life.over the years, he had to bankers more loans, genuflect is begged to import more japanese shoes.almost nothing in his bank account deposits, because he will earn all the profits continue to throw back to the company, to order more shoes from japan.even after the sales began to increase, the company was still often need a lifeline to the same time, his relationship with japanese shoes supplier is not very stable.although knight successfully sold the shoes to go out, but also help the company improve the design of shoes, but the other person's executives are always looking for other potential partners in the united the end, the knight in behind the japanese, and founded the nike started another section of the uncertain future of entrepreneurial career.

the coincidence behind the success for nike, knight was especially candid.take the famous nike for tick marks, this is he spends$35 please a art student, but he didn't expect that it will be a sign of so special.when he says:"this can do."the company called"nike"is not a knight's first choice, he would like to name it"six dimensions"(dimension six), but his employees forced him to choose the"nike".knight were agreed, but are not convinced.he said:"maybe we will be like it in the future."

when founded microsoft, i was lucky to enter a profit space is not as small as a shoe industry.i don't have to be like a knight difficulty for the loan to the bank, also do not have to slow and large factory(i actually wants to explain the knight can use some ink experience).read nearly 400 books about shoes business, i still have not been able to learn more about how to produce a sports shoes, such as what are the various parts of the shoes?what are the most difficult production parts?why is the most difficult to production?it makes me a bit disappointed.

knight story impressed me most, is that those employees with his company very mix build, including a paralyzed after a boating accident of the former track star, an obesity accounting and a write to knight like possessed salesman(knight never wrote back) to him.they are not thought to represent the people of a sports equipment company, it reminds me of the days of microsoft at knight, we also a group of people who have strange skills.they are good at solving problems, and we have a common enthusiasm, want the company to succeed.we all work very hard, but also gain a lot of happiness.

want from knight looking for successful experience in the book i'm afraid i will be disappointed.i think he did not intend to impart to the readers any experience, no tip no to-do list.knight, however, completed a better than that of matter:he tells his story as honest as possible.this is a great story, it's the last few pages of the book you will understand, despite all the way has experienced all kinds of hardships, why knight will say:"god, i want to start again once more."

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