shaanxi technology company fire bureau: the longest name is strange but not illegal

a few days ago, the internet that a company called"baoji have a group of young with dream believe that under the guidance of the cow uncle will create the miracle of life network technology co., ltd.", the name of the company for up to 39 characters, is called"the longest name company".

according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system query, found that the company exists, registered in may 2017, the registered capital of 1 million yuan.scope of business as the electronic commerce;the research and development of computer hardware and software, installation and maintenance;the computer system services;marketing planning;corporate image planning;organization of domestic culture and art exchange activities;convention and exhibition services;electronic products, stationery, electronic computers and auxiliary equipment, handicrafts, daily necessities, native products, agricultural and sideline products wholesale, retail.

for the super long name, company, industrial and commercial bureau, said the name though strange, but there is no violation of the provisions regarding the administration of enterprise name as long as the compliance, the staff said, does not contain"reactionary, obscene, content such as an affront to human nature", there is no limit to the word,"strange don't violate compasses".

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