startup founder's first shared cycling business failures under the tuyere: as public welfare

sharing bicycle industry with the hot spell before taking a taxi, network delivery is the same, are now popular venture tuyere, but even on the tuyere of the pig have fall off.a domestic company called"the wu is empty bike"shared cycling start-ups, says will officially suspended since june 2017, exit the market share a bicycle, a subsequent refund relevant matters will be settled within 30 days.

to exit the shared cycling this entrepreneurial tuyere, wu empty bike founder leihouyi said in an interview, take in more than 300 ten thousand yuan, more than one thousand bikes also disappeared.of course, he also don't want to back,"as a public welfare".

the wu is empty bike founder, said in the four months of operation, a total of more than 10000 users, the deposit of 1 million, the highest time live 2, one thousand to the platform closed total loss of 3 million yuan.

it is important to note that the name is called leihouyi shared cycling founder did peking university security guards, and auditing have been carried out in the north, the exclamation:after the business failed tuyere is not catch up with, is to wait, need to be in an industry agriculture, when i have the opportunity to be prepared.

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