aimed at the short video red sea market look at the big data? video using ai for the user tailored high-quality video content

tencent, ali, weibo and other industry giants as early as a few years ago has begun to layout a short video industry.a batch of representative old media such as cctv, phoenix tv have short video layout;the success of chen's at half past six, papi sauce financing;attention to the development of short video business quickly, watermelon video short burst into the top ten brand of video...

if there are a lot of people in the industry always waiting before a short video is brief bubble or really for the big bang, in 2017 should not be some people don't admit that this year is"short video of the first show a short video industry has entered a concentrated outbreak period.according to the 1991 it data show that by the end of 1991 on may 1, short video industry stock is intensifying its growth status:stock has more than 250 million, whole day living to over 50 million.

the era of information explosion, the huge amounts of information resource is all around us, there is no lack of among them a lot of"spoof"raunch culture"mediocrity".and therefore to the user, need a can provide quality content aggregation service platform, to help them in huge amounts of information source and efficient to extract the valuable content.based on user pain points,"have you watched the video"to attract young people, to build a social elite short video platform.through gathering tech-oriented best short video content resources, the use of big data algorithm for personalized recommendation, for each user to provide tailor-made high quality video, adhere to the principle of"attitude, and that has grade, has the value"for the principle,"have you watched the video"becomes"interesting and useful".

"have you watched the video"interface is concise present has been recommended to develop, funny, entertainment, such as society, life, music, secondary yuan, a total of 15 channels.users can comment on thumb up collection, also can share forwarded to each big social software.

"have you watched the video"president assistant, product director wang yong said:short video is easy to consumption, easy to accept, and easy to spread, more in line with the current fragmentation reading time.the advantage of video content can be intuitive and efficient transfer the information to the this information era of fragmentation, a short video on short time, less traffic, highlighting advantages to attract a large number of users.

at the beginning of the"have you watched the video"online, with people's daily, the central kitchen, guangming daily press, cctv new media center, and other authoritative media organizations established deep strategic cooperation relations, to guarantee the first great and hot time of the latest video addition,"have you watched the video"platform has nearly one thousand hours of high quality short video content aggregation, attracting nearly 1500 kol line pgc, industry, invited the outbreak cartoons at half past six, chen's uncle, fellows and other famous kol.

business model, said wang yong, the priority or good service users, allow more users to accept the product.with the future traffic growth,"have you watched the video"will consider the development of advertising business;"have you watched the video"at the same time hope to build a business ecosystem, docking producers, users and content through the bridge between the user and content producers, let more content producers make money value, form the fans of the economy.the platform will be to develop more profit model.

"have you watched the video"since july 10, 2017 version 1.0 is launched, the high degree of user acceptance and retention rates, hours used, interaction, etc, reaction is yong said:version 1.0 is the early stage of the pathfinder, on september 1, will launch a version 2.0, version 2.0 in the overall architecture, front play experience, user interaction design, user reading comments such as improve the quality.

financing, given the company strategic needs,"have you watched the video"temporarily not disclosed.

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