investment circle little anecdotes

1, the river lake legend of three years ago, a project in order to get money, ceo told investors the three years after the river's lake legend, a fund in order to take a project, investors slept with the's three years hedong hexi three years, investors are now vulnerable groups.

2, investors like to get in a cafe or in the hotel lobby, outsiders are on the look and feel very tall(force), in fact this is mainly because many investors have no office, angel investors, in particular, most can be called"shell companies".

a top 3, tencent, five years ago to empty tencent's stock to do investment, investment performance is very good in five years, assets increased by three times.tencent's performance is very good also in five years, the stock price has increased by 5 times.

4, the industry a great god, and technical talent, young, businesses are bat after mergers and acquisitions, a great god transformation to investors.all investors said investment projects are mainly for people, the great god than the ordinary investors further in terms of look, look at the eight, where eight out ceo doesn't have to talk about business with him.

5, a ceo to shenzhen one examines the intelligent hardware suppliers, took a product prototype, and made a cool ppt, millions of successful financing, called"ppt entrepreneurs".

6, the investment agreement signed ok, fund of financial missed this sum of money, after six months into the next round, found that the previous round of money haven't arrive, so the enterprise embarrassed to hang in the catalog, the investment of the fund has been missed.

7, a angel fund has six partner and 1 assistant, is a project funds invested, see the next phase of the fund to raise money, we intend to disband, assistant said"or i would ask my father when the lp".

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