li: the thing i learned from microsoft, apple google

5, the apple, i am reading, dr dr has a is the world's best operating system developers and researchers, the group of 20 people, 19 were dug to microsoft, only one paper haven't finished writing, on the cmu.when steve jobs came to cmu, when he left the apple operating system is needed to he simply put the decided, this is my classmate, brigitte, danny, if you were really more than 20 years apple powder, will know that apple's operating system and the imac is unusable, bad to can't.

but real solution from a technical trader is blue, the apple's operating system, the whole replace to hire a person, such a person for a company worth?such talents must be priceless.

when i was at microsoft, at that time, met a person, then accept the cooperation between ibm and microsoft operating system, because windows when there is a problem, you don't do windows, but when the person that solves the windows of the problem, to save the company.

in the google there was a man called jeff emperor, he is true to transform the structure of the products of the company in companies, after he entered the company, he get rid of all people every line of code written before, his full rewrite, he invented a lot of application, present technology is male, he is your idol, he did such a great contribution to such a great man is he worth?

so, the value of the information age a person is very very great, can't use a industrial age, a worker of 30-50% more than the productivity of not too talent, compared to ordinary engineers, should be the value of 10000 times, 100000, when you do the company, have such a talented person, must be generous, be sure to keep.

6, to establish a system to attract and retain such talent.because, you see so rare talent keep him, is, of course, everyone can do, but need the talent system.

first of all, the managers should spend at least 20% of the time someone, poaching, retention, ceo will cost at least half of the time, to look for person, poaching, retention.

in addition, you need to know who is the most important 10 people, the company should find roll them very much, make sure that they can't go.

, for example, microsoft's 60000 people, 60000 people in the company to determine the most is who, basically has an income of$500000 per person per year, it was more than a decade ago, so the incentive is how important.

in addition, but also for the best talent is very generous.if you see jobs venture that 15 people, who was later discovered to have gone, and cooperation with gates also walked a lot, because they did not make more with them, so spread wealth to people.

google from microsoft poaching, dug thousands of people, including me, out of the wages several have what way?i could never get so much money to hire you?later time is has tried some methods to google to court, then also useless, so this way is not the most appropriate.

we'll have a look, google is facing is how to deal with this problem, facebook, karma ah, how about microsoft, google, facebook is what to do with google.when i was in the google, facebook also out of 10 times the price of google's 10 times the price is not a salary, but in the future five years could be 10 times, because you haven't listed, you can tell a story, was later proved facebook to go public, finally also that 5 to 10 times the compensation.

when facebook dig of google, google was how to do?we clearly know, who is 5% of the company's best, when the man facebook give offer, we use the same price to keep is unthinkable, facebook out of$3 million, google said i am 3 million, you don't go!

you can see, when you really use the four questions retain key employees, just really could get google's success.

7, how to manage the wise.

the wise man is actually very difficult to manage, when microsoft make activities, once a person to play a role in the mountains, to win the people can get more feathers, you'll get more respect, but you didn't fall for it, tell you have a promotion, but a wise man who won't eat you this, that there may be a little help, of course, but the real smart people why stay in the company?is based on the following reasons:first of all, he was the boss of the company to his feelings, really like it, look in the book of jobs tears miss him what kind of person, who is really infected by him.they also hope the company leadership to understand what he did great things.

do you want to say, zhang san see our products in the product safety level, enhance the hacker attacks 30% of the difficulty, really made a value for the company, then you will be recognized by your staffs.

there is a wise man want?want to be trusted, be to delegate, to be able to play.

so, these are really a wise man likes to boss, so to be a wise man likes to boss, is also very simple, be managed what you want, how do you manage this batch of the wise.

8, when i was at microsoft, the company decided to cut a year, the report looks good, but the company can be predicted and the next two months is not good, we want to save for a rainy day, doing such a layoffs decision.

i also in the management of a microsoft office, when we can live well every day, tell you celebrate products and introduced a new version, but we found this technology in the wrong time, we decided to put the team cut 70 people, 70 heavy hire people to do this product.

in the face of crisis, you also want to know how to layoffs, layoffs is difficult, we all don't like to do this, but your heart will have, each employee to you how important you have only one boat, who you can only put 10 people will put, these are four questions, to keep him with your feelings, others the cutting of the cutting will be cut.

don't last minute decision, to leave such a form at any time, the company ranked how sort, when you cut to be fair, but also to a secret, the company to do your best, because if you don't honest with everyone talking about these things, will make mistakes, but decision made, be sure to stick to go down.

downsizing, should not only to have to leave to take care of care, to stay calm.layoffs best time, because employees feel be it's my turn to next month, will have a lot of sincerity to employees say sorry company encountered the challenge of layoff decisions need to be, but we have enough money to stay and plan, to the company to do better.if you have such a winter plan, i believe it will go better.

today, although gives everyone the eight my study, i don't think the company can be built to last, never really great, we now see bat is powerful, but we still not talking about ten years ago three portal?we see today google, facebook, our decade years talking about wintel, isn't it?so, good companies should keep 15 minutes of sun, grasp let the world see your light.

if you have any help advice to you today, i believe that would like to see each of the brilliant sunshine.

thank you!

lee, said china's recent many well-known start-up, although achievements to its credit, but you still think, with the top u.s.built to last, or a great company for a long time, still some gaps.china's business, in the execution, iterative ability and insight into user, ability to make money, business model, are all very cow.but, in addition to these, a chinese company compared with those of other great company and lacking in eight aspects.also is mentioned, learn from the google, apple, microsoft's eight things:

1.can inspire your employees, can help employees to make a decision, can help the management of the company make the right decision;

2.a great company, must have a very good leader, still have very good management mechanism.

3.each company has its own product methodology, what is you want to know your company's products, the methodology, stick to use this methodology to do, make sure its expansibility.

4.can enjoy the confidence and pride, hard also can do compromise grovelling.

5.must dig, generosity, retain talent!

6.set up a system to attract and retain such talent. to manage the wise. accurately predict and solve crisis

this is lee speech in full:

i with other guests great distinction, is i worked in, china has also recently developed a few, but they still think, with the top u.s.built to last, or a great company for a long time, still some gaps.

so, i want to share today, i was in the apple, microsoft, google, the three great company learned a thing.

this is also i haven't done before lecture, there may be some content, may be you the first time i heard.

i turn head to think of it, i am in this three companies, to see what is the three companies, at least two or three and many big domestic companies do, also failed to do.

as we all know, china's business, in the execution, iterative ability and insight into user, ability to make money, business model, are all very cow.but, today, i want to talk about these eight things outside.

1, the three companies in terms of the company's vision, is very seriously.also, will take a long time to discuss what should be our vision.most, my friends, my company to china entrepreneurs didn't do it, or do the comparison.we also see a lot of big companies, vision is mixed as the center, people-oriented, or the good faith, or become the industry's greatest, feeling really very empty.

but a company, based on my experience really need a grand vision.

a few examples:american ford's vision is:to let everyone can afford a car, let everybody can see very beautiful environment.japan's sony's vision is:change is bad for japanese goods.

so, vision can imagine, how much impact on the company, one is the work of the staff motivation, think not just for the sake of money, the breadwinner of the job, but to help our country in the international fame or change bad everyone want to, to help every american can get a car, buy a inspiration to everyone.when he began to do car, will consider these, when you face the problem poor road, how should do?a good vision, should be can help a company's management to make good, when your vision is such, choice will be very clear.

i once worked for several companies, also has a very grand vision.such as when google, google's vision, is able to organize the world's information and let everyone be available at any time, anywhere.i think that such a vision, if you are facing, such as g e-mail should charge or free of charge, because such a vision is very clear, it's the latter, of course.

microsoft, also have a great vision:let each have a computer on the the 25 years ago, is really an unthinkable, but later achieve your vision, of course, sometimes is also a problem, because you need a new vision, because your old vision has been reached.but microsoft didn't do very well at that time, as a result of the discussion at that time, the company's new vision is:to help users to reach their is very weak, because the fatigued.

so, a good company, must want to, what kind of vision, inspire each employee's work every day, when he was under a lot of choice, can do to help him to judge.

2, a great company, must have a very good leader, still have very good management mechanism.

great leaders what meaning be?we may think, there are different styles of leadership.we have seen some leaders, he is very good at communication, some leaders are very dictatorship, but there is energy.some leaders, can be very democracy, some are very likely to delegate, some can be very good research business model, and then to the division of labor.

which one is the best management mode?in fact, my conclusion is, the best leaders, he needs to have a variety of leadership models.any only a model of the leader, he finally had no way to create a great company, because meijia companies may have different situation, the company may at the time of the sprint, very need a courageous leader, communication ability is very strong.however, when a company to achieve the degree of stability, ready to cultivate young people, need good, coach of the leader.and the company are faced with crisis, may require a dictatorship.when a company has a group of very capable of professional managers, managers need a delegate type.

so, a really good leader, i experienced a bill gates, stephen, after apple leader of a group of very good, i see these people, they really can stretch ability.

of course, have their own style, but to keep in mind that the leadership of a truly great company, is to be able to, in different situations in a different way to manage his own company.

you might see that google's larry page, think he's polite, but in the face of the company major decision, is very decisive, very may find jobs is very autocratic man, but he can move his staff, the latest new jobs are written.

so, there must be an organizational structure, the company is able to perform, in every company has different structure, the structure, we met in google is i think the most suitable for startups, and can be from 0 to 10000.

this mechanism is called okr, have the following components:companies want to have you big vision;we know every year to this vision take the next step;every year to achieve what kind of mesh, this goal what the data based on the results, to measure whether this year have the result.and then, from split to each quarter a year, and out of the whole company split to each department, each department split to each manager, each manager split to each's approach, is to let everyone have their own goals, everybody has the annual examination, the examination must be smart and s specific, measurable, m.a.can achieve, r is related to the target, t is based on time(your goals is not forever, but this year, the date need to be able to achieve what kind of degree).

so, if our company can be divided into four seasons in a year, a company is divided into several departments, each department division to each individual, and the goal of everyone together and departments to reach their goals, the department goal together will achieve the objectives of the company.these are in the open, you won't have any speculation is why you do this thing, and would know why not write this program, because you have more important things to do, then i can help you reach your goal, and then i achieve my goal.

so, it was invented by google, and google carry from 10000 people, 10 people do i leave in the system, many companies are using the system, today there is no more time to more detailed explanation, this is a very good let one thousand company can perform very well, very fast.

3, each company has its own product methodology, zhou came yesterday, and he is one of the most outstanding product manager in china.but every company has its own practice, told everyone here, what is you want to know your company's products, the methodology, stick to use this methodology to do, make sure its expansibility.

microsoft product methodology?believe that bill gates, microsoft's a general wrote a doctoral thesis, which just hire a wise man, he split into small project, hired a group of small projects can again, write api specification, set up a with respect to's a whole company based at the time, microsoft and microsoft did a lot of things are made of this method, so microsoft in 30000 individual write out the windows, microsoft will have a very famous designers, architects, one of the architects is a genius, his design for a big achievement can be formed a group of children.

google what is methodology of product?to reduce the friction, only hire smart people.his logic is that you do products from 100 to 100 people, the productivity for 1000 people, maybe 700 have a loss, because there are all kinds of political struggle, waste, intrigue, structure, communication, and so on questions, ineffective communication, all kinds of problems.100 to 100 people don't do, is it possible to make 100 people 100 top personal things?so, google will always be a minimum of the smartest people, decentralization to let them do, microsoft great architects to google didn't want to apply for a job, not a person is not good, but from the various engine in the different architecture does not fit, google don't believe the architect, but believe that a group of talented people, okr can be used to solve the problem.

4, a truly great company, when he was a great moment, who will enjoy his greatness, by the people.really tough time, however, will only let us see great founders can make what kind of things.

steve jobs, one of the what pride, is much better of a person?but when he returned to apple, what's the first thing he do?is throw in the towel with microsoft, and microsoft's puppet, sell the shares of the company to microsoft, cancel the company browser, into microsoft's internet explorer, with microsoft's investment, promising to do office software, using microsoft office, is in order to get the money, investment, recognition, and let him to buy a period of time, to develop really wanted to do for the next generation of imac, even the device, the iphone.

so, even great, proud and confident to the point of jobs, he was able to endure, in time of need to be able to lay down their face, to be able to own the most envy envy hate, can the armrest.

i can search you in the up to the scene, microsoft has arisen in apple's conference 1984, like apple have conquered, but after watching how right thing, because he bought a period of time, will allow him to develop what he, every entrepreneur at the time of our self-confidence, pride, don't forget to own the company want to make the tough choices, need to lay down their self-esteem and does not recognise people make some compromise.

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