mr homesickness author yu guangzhong died at the age of years old today

, according to taiwan media ettv reported today taiwan writer, famous poet died of yu guangzhong, aged 90, magnum opus"homesickness","white balsam pear, etc.masterpiece"homesickness"was talk of chinese around the world.

peotry was born in nanjing, engaged in literary creation more than half a century, a"nostalgia"in the global chinese world resonant.liang shiqiu had his"right hand writing poetry, his left hand to write prose, high achievement, temporarily without two".

peotry life engaged in poetry, prose, reviews, translation, self-proclaimed"four dimensions"of his writing.galloping literary world has been more than half a century, wide-ranging, known as the"wife"on the art.his literary career, vast, deep and long, athletes for the contemporary poetry, prose town, famous critic, a good published prose poems of 21 species, 11, 13 kinds of 5 kinds of collection on translation set, a total of more than 40 white jade the balsam pear(poetry anthology), the memory as long as track(essays) and the watershed:comment peotry anthology(essays), etc.

"homesickness"full text:


homesickness was a small stamp

i'm here

the mother in the end of the

when i grow up

homesickness was a narrow ticket

i'm here

the bride on the other


homesickness was a low tomb

i outside

mother inside


homesickness is a shallow strait

i'm here

the mainland on the other

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