mr. ma: china's sustainable development is a key to the emergence of ali tencent and other innovative enterprises

alibaba group chairman jack ma today to attend the 2017 fortune global bbs"guangzhou", and has carried on the special dialogue.

when it comes to talk open and innovation, in the face of the host asked"a focus on the stability of the country could become a leading source of innovation", mr ma said, history has shown, in the past five years, china's stable social system works well, but also emerged the alibaba, tencent as the innovation of the enterprise.the sustainable development of china is the key to the rise of the internet industry.

jack ma said that innovation is not only refers to the engineering technology, the innovation is to solve the problem today, tomorrow and future."innovation come from?to solve the a different way to solve the problem, find out the most efficient have to use the results to solve the problem.i think china prove everything."

when asked about china's high speed development can be sustained, said,"i have confidence in the country, is the cause of the country talking about globalization, talking about the opening to the outside world policy, encourage entrepreneurship."

ma yunceng said many times, china has the world's best business environment.he will be the development of the internet companies such as alibaba achievement due to china's unique political stability and social security.

in ma opinion, a lot of foreign enterprises to the understanding of the chinese market is not enough.he stressed that china needs foreign investment, but also hope that foreign companies in china will be brought in,"many internet companies are a bit of a quick buck, they hope the investment can get return tomorrow today, china is a huge and open market, please foreign counterparts to have patience".

large scale of alibaba, and march to the western world, in the face of doubt"alibaba to conquer the world,"mr ma made it clear that is not to have conquered, but service in china and the world,"we have no intention to conquer".

jack ma said that his last year went to many countries, is to want to give you some ideas and experience sharing, is that globalization is a good thing."globalization is only a baby stage, the need to improve.we can not live without trade, because once trade stopped, peace is i went to the world, we want to make sure that everyone will benefit from free trade, ensure that farmers can sell the product, to ensure that young people benefit from it."

jack ma admitted at the same time, alibaba must keep suffering consciousness,"even if alibaba is a big company, also must keep moment of grief like a small company, like a small company to operate, because sometimes too big company means that lack vitality, does not have enough ability to innovate".

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