uber co-founder join pledge: commitment to donate most of the wealth

according to cnbc reported beijing time on november 23, uber co-founder garrett camp(garrett camp) have been added to the"giving pledge"(the giving pledge), a campaign promise to donate more than half of all wealth, by warren buffett(warren buffett and bill gates.

bring uber co-founder kemp

in addition to the nou camp, india's tech giant infosys nandan nilekani, co-founder(nandan nilekani) and his wife also signed the pledge.

it is reported, net wealth to the nou camp value of about$5.1 billion, mr nilekani is about$1.7 billion.

"pledge"launched in 2010 by mr.buffett and gates, the richest man in order to encourage global in is still alive, to offer the vast majority of public wealth to charity.

to make the announcement in a personal blog, kemp talked about his recent trip in kenya, where people did not even basic services, such as clean water, food and electricity.

"in addition to donations to charity, i will also spend part of the time, committed to the charity project,"he wrote.

will be on new fund kemp camp.org charity research and project.he said to the media, the fund's research is only the beginning, the next few years will introduce more measures.

infosys co-founder nilekani, in the"giving pledge"website announced his decision."in most countries, inequality is increased significantly,"he said.

nilekani ekstep has mainly focused on its foundation education career.in giving statement, mr nilekani promised to support the"social platform", including can be used to have a positive impact for the people of the software.

according to the non-profit nonprofit research collaborative report, the united states more than half of the non-profit organization has 50% to 100% come from the individual, rather than the foundation or enterprise.in addition, they get big donation occurs mostly in donors after death.

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