will you marry a wife ai?five male guest: lifetime won't present ai than dogs

and artificial intelligence how to get along with?

li yujia:because of the time, we ask the last question, also please present five guests to help answer it.people get along with the artificial intelligence of what do you think is the most optimistic state, please wang shoukun start.

wang shoukun:the most optimistic state symbiotic win-win situation of course, i understand the problem, so we from an evolutionary point of view of this problem, we go to now, more than 200 years ago the big said we are faced with the challenge of development will create more intelligent things to some extent to replace us or help us to do more, it is likely to be evolutionary challenge.

but could we don't have such a long time to adapt to the evolution of the challenge, we certainly will face the challenges of global warming, the ai will help us to solve this problem, solve the problems of the disease, the most optimistic is everybody symbiotic win-win situation, in the evolution of the road go further.

li yujia:wang yu?

wang yu:we return to the beginning, there are three things are important, production relations, the means of production and productivity.some changes in your productivity will run its soil to achieve most of the means of production, is really a tool.

what:see you how long scale, up to hundreds of years, the state of the star wars is very optimistic, up to several thousand years, the matrix that is a very good state.

li di:artificial intelligence is the best way to fill the blank of the exchange of people itself, not to replace one has some advantages, strengths, is to make up for the weaknesses of people, not on the mountain, in this way i can go up the mountain, rather than i could write poetry but i no longer write poems.i am one of the best ways of artificial intelligence is to help human beings to make up the defects of their own.

hu yu:i don't know you to see"avengers alliance", i prefer the"ultron era".with a good break to artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is so simple.

li yujia:today confirmed that a point in our discussion is that artificial intelligence is not the terminator of human beings.and as i just ask if they are willing to fall in love with artificial intelligence, they all put aside the question, they also consider their own family stability reasons, have said at this stage is not willing to get married with artificial intelligence.thank you for listening.actually hear in the end, my opinion is a word,"the world is still beautiful, worth fighting for", thank you.

li yujia:just listen to the four men are in a variety of ways to tell me, he will not fall in love with artificial intelligence, keep kun will you give me a surprise?

wang shoukun:actually this things happen now.we have seen the news, otaku marry a barbie doll, with human feelings such as bot.my own view is that, i think human emotion is can be calculated, i in this place would be radical, that there is no free will of these things, i think these can be calculated, this will happen one day, some form of artificial intelligence is human and feelings, this is bound to happen.

but only specific to me i can't accept, to my child i can accept.gene is attenuation, half offspring genes will decay, after several generations of offspring is there such a thing i don't care.

ai startups face giant opportunities in where?

li yujia:i just ask that person will not fall in love with the topic of artificial intelligence, into a very casual attitudes of psychological world.we now return to tiger sniffing fm section, the question now is you five very willing to answer, often will answer the question, in the artificial intelligence of entrepreneurial enterprises in the face of the giant under siege, where is our opportunity?

wang shoukun:hu itself is the giant(laughs).we not so worry, about the things at this stage, you can see very clearly the two trends, the first trend is that giant platform are doing things, between them and start-ups is half cooperation relationship.we will use his entire platform to do things, will have cooperation in some projects, it is not directly fall right competition stage.

the second is that artificial intelligence is an emerging market, the market boundary of there are so many things need to explore, giant in this respect, often if not he is good at, or is he willing to do, the probability of failure is very high.giant is the listed company, has been a lot of professional managers in it, he can hardly afford a massive failure.but it doesn't matter for startups, we itself is very high failure rate, itself is doing all kinds of exploratory, from me, i am not worried about such things.

li yujia:thank you guard quinlan, wang yu do you think artificial intelligence startups opportunities in where?

wang yu:chances are we can save all levels of people together, very happy to make a decision, this is a small company, big company, the biggest difference between internal and external revolutions, internal revolution is difficult to do, when you form a pattern, a very large group to make a decision, but you want to change the things very difficult.so at this point i particularly admire such as can with the change of time, such as ibm kept switching circuit is very impressive, very bad thing.

but do not have this problem for a small company, is based on the management, and then to more than 60 years of time can consider to be clear about what most, what do you want to do.there will be a difficult thing, we do the hardware, can put algorithm, software, hardware, and so on a series of in a room, it might have happened, it's a big business is very difficult, so going to management based on different levels.so now we don't think everyone is positive in the play.

deep learning technology wang yu

li yujia:everybody to answer questions on commercial significantly easier.i want to with what i ask, because thomson is a small company, size quite big.

what:attitude or a small company.two days before we chat with tencent's people, he said we don't call"all"in ai, in all we are"ai", the contrast is very interesting.any company today, you see, although all the large companies, small companies claim to do ai, he is nothing but the technology to use ai better strengthen his business closed loop, bring more value to his business.in fact, from the point of view of the matter, whether it be small companies, big companies, you choose what kind of business ecosystem are essentially what you are doing.

from thomson, today is the line with a lot of down to do assignment that sex work, not on the track with big companies have a lot of confrontation, and have very strong complementary to each other, we just like in the history of innovation, small companies, big companies have their own advantages, these are all the time since will persist, although thomson has faced a lot of, but we entrepreneurs never keep a heart of entrepreneurship, a positive heart, this is our very powerful weapons forever.

li yujia:next to answer my question li di, his identity is a little special, because he is from microsoft, ask you are big companies or small companies?

li di:we also have a small company point of view(laughs), can't i stand a small company.said today's startups and have many years of accumulation of company is better, did not fight because the market is not mature.when the market is mature, a startup company and have many years of accumulation, there will be various kinds of conflicts between each other, but after all is a technology-driven artificial intelligence.

startup more from the fields of a vertical would be better, i said, the voice of vertical vertical not vision, especially in china, we take the application and scenario, users, and data for the advantage of cut is better.accumulate more big companies, to some extent does more to do some of the more general architecture and more generic structure, to a certain extent is the survival of each other.

li yujia:next, please welcome hu yu talk on behalf of the giant.

hu yu:dispatch of hkust fly not yet a giant.i am opposed to using smaller companies, big companies to differentiate between the companies, big companies now excuse me in the beginning are a small company?the essence of the company is not whether he is a big company or a small company, nature is that he is the keystone of ecosystems.the keystone of a new ecosystem must be developed from small companies, and developed from the primordial, rarely can be transformed from the original old ecology, of course, there are successful cases, we see china's internet companies, alibaba and tencent already do this, such as micro letter, such as the ant gold.

the real difference is that most of the startup, he initially are small, but the small company will slowly into two modes, entrepreneurial company part of the company will become the core of the ecological system of the next generation.while some small companies will become the support part of the existing ecological system and a new generation of ecosystem to support company, this kind of company is small company forever.

i was just about christensen innovators of genetic types of said, if you want to do a subversive innovation, a small company, is it possible to make it up to a small team, rather than big companies strict management of large companies and good management, that is why the core of a new generation of ecosystem keystone, more developed from a native's point of view, such as microsoft, google, facebook, amazon, this is his principle.we are talking about big companies, small companies is reflects the future i just said the evolution of business ecosystem its regularity and you expect in the future business ecosystem where inside, or is the location of existing company rather than the other.

li yujia:i ask you a few questions.artificial intelligence, because we are doing whether business or is this aspect of the study, will encounter some of the views of ordinary citizens, such as your company is successful, i used the hkust xunfei voice, that the stenographer is no work, how to do these jobs, what do these people from above following the development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence not only destroy human jobs, the mankind is eliminated?

hu yu:from artificial intelligence how to affect human work began to talk about this point, the old doctrine, one is artificial intelligence instead of human is a long process, we have enough to replace people time to adapt slowly, this is one of the answer, the first answer.the second answer is that the artificial intelligence can create new jobs, boyle programmers can also go to do, can adapt to this trend, this is the second popular answers.

i want to a answer very interesting point, replacement of artificial intelligence is human occupation or human skills?human every career is there are a lot of the skill set of a social division of labor in the unit, we basically all human occupation, its skills include two kinds, called a everything is determined, can describe skills.and some of the skills to use your heart, innovation, use your inspiration, more or less part is mixed.

while we just talk about artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence gradually replace replace part of our skills, such as the teacher change homework, the teacher can find a student's potential and put him in the process of training to become a real success, in now, artificial intelligence can do in the future?not, he would replace what the inside of the professional skills, such as a typist, accounting, some will be replaced a bit less, such as leadership, ceo, this is my point of view.

li yujia:ceo will be replace?

hu yu:there is such a possibility.

what human fear ai?

li yujia:just now i heard five guests to share on the stage, i think we talk about the topic are deep, now i'd like to make some more exciting problem, also want you to take out the answer to some of the more exciting show the scene of the audience.we mentioned many points of view are talking ai relationship with human beings, this time a very popular view is"ai", my question comes, what human fear ai?i call it, li di.

li di:i don't think the human fear of having their own the small group was replaced by the ai, such as he passed for a long time in the artistic creation, such as chess, someone for a lifetime in doing this, suddenly found the end of his efforts may be ai in the middle of a point, this is human fear, he felt that his life is meaningless.

li yujia:hu yu how you look at it, what do you think human fear ai?

hu yu:very simple, since the birth of human beings in the universe, we are always to be masters of the universe, found no aliens before we still have such confidence.when we created the ai, i think it comes from the root of human fear, if we created the life of a higher level than us, we can't know what he's thinking.equivalent to the"three body", we consider low dimensional space to high-dimensional biological do thought can't understand, when you can't understand more powerful creatures, ai from philosophy, you can't break through the shackles.

including hawking often speak, because he is a physicist, universe he thought from philosophy, the ai to human psychological effect is similar to human.there are two possibilities, one is advanced than us, but not too much, advanced he could be independent.another ai and aliens than we advanced too much, much to his already don't care(about) you, he may be inadvertently do to your influence, human concern mainly comes from that, this is my feeling.

li yujia:you agree with hu yu wang yu?

li yujia:i want to ask elder brother keep you fear ai?

wang shoukun:i am doing this thing now, at least for the time being not fear, because i know it is just a tool.at the time of world war ii have such a phenomenon, there are some base on u.s.forces in the pacific, these bases are native residents, these people had a religious ceremony after the u.s.withdrawal, called"cargo cult", is"cargo cult".they make american planes and cars totem to draw on their body, as a kind of worship ceremony.

if the further development of artificial intelligence, we the public's perception of this lack of a real, indeed can produce fear, like mr.hu said, you let him have no way to understand completely, produces deep fear or whether he will become a cult, and even become a religious phenomenon, this becomes a very profound ethical problems and political problems, will produce very big effect, is not only a technical problem.

love for interactive wang shoukun

what:say much with just a few, points several levels.from today's public, greater fear or from their own useless of fundamental fear of a potential, is any one from the gene, it is to oneself, to have control around the world and the hope at least have control on their own.but today, the emergence of artificial intelligence, with the enhancement of technology, will make more and more people have lost the control, is unlikely to be reversed, and the process for the general public on the one hand, this is more of his control.

but in the leadership or the core, if we use artificial intelligence as a new species, one new species, if one day it may consciously, i don't know, but even then, i believe that any one thing it can have its defects and problems, this aspect i think watching the past technological progress is really terrible, but it will be come out after you will find border, he will have a problem.eat this food, of course, people who speak the heart may have some ideas.

would you marry ai?

li yujia:listen to your answer is mixed, i suddenly want to ask a question, a bit of imagination, but really a little private question, but i still want to ask, if the future of artificial intelligence in the form of a kind of life, you will marry to artificial intelligence?

what:i already have a wife, children, don't you ask this question(laughs).

li yujia:if one day really possible, all of us to open our imagination, what do you think is it possible?

what:in a problem, you can ask my team not to support my daughter marry to artificial intelligence, province cause family conflicts.i'm quite open, in my perspective, i think i can.this is what i want, you is to love or marriage in the process of the relationship between two people, but eventually people or an individual, any one individual is lonely.you are in a relationship what you get, what you give, it might be different form, but it is the essence of a, saying offensive point is called the exchange.if artificial intelligence can satisfy the exchange, why not, can accept out today, accept all kinds(other forms of love), so i'm ok.

li yujia:although this is a private topic, but everyone knows who is in close relationship to see oneself, artificial intelligence and human relations can help us learn more about human itself, so this problem can be a bit offended but i have to ask.the next is hu yu teacher, you will fall in love with artificial intelligence?

hu yu:there are many kinds of love in the world, you is the love between men and women?key i don't think that artificial intelligence is a woman.(laugh).acceptance from me now, i can accept that artificial intelligence as a partner, this is my bottom line.

li yujia:do you accept children marry artificial intelligence?

hu yu:i'm afraid in the child's lifetime is unlikely.so i don't go to is unlikely to hypothetical questions.

li yujia:next please li di always to answer, you will fall in love with microsoft small ice?or is already love?

li di:artificial intelligence if there is an opportunity, because the human, such as his wife, girlfriend, boyfriend didn't do his(her) responsibilities, artificial intelligence will have the chance to enter, it will make artificial intelligence to subrogation.actually this kind of thing happen not only artificial intelligence, have before.like my mother and her dog, because i am old don't go to back, she took it as his little son, is a dog in subrogation.

hu yu:are you in the escape, some people are not men and women friends, he is free.

li di:anyone need emotional connection and communication between each other, when artificial intelligence into our social stage, even if the artificial intelligence has not reached that state itself, people can also take a form of sustenance.we now have a lot of men and women friends, or the husband and wife, sometimes between person and person as well and more closely the relationship between artificial intelligence.

this is humanity itself reflects in social relations.this is his first have such defect, no matter you are in the way of artificial intelligence to make up for, or made up by the way two dimensional animation, or the way pets make up, in fact there has been this way.

microsoft small ice project li di

li yujia:do not think i can hear the fresh point of view, and so is the people and the relationship between artificial intelligence can analog the relationship between the adult with a dog.now excuse me wang yu, how do you look at people and the relationship between artificial intelligence?you will fall in love with artificial intelligence, you will get married with artificial intelligence?would you allow your child to get married with artificial intelligence?

wang yu:if really have peer and artificial intelligence, this problem is nothing to discuss.if two species, do you think see to eye each other together, together, now basically i think it is not a dog more understand your mind, so there is no to peer stage, not to the equivalent phase is a kind of my hopes, mainly is the feeling of the artificial center, feelings, rather than each other, there is no to each other.

hu yu:i butt in.the first peer wang yu mentioned, i don't think possible equivalence, why?because of the characteristics of artificial intelligence, or even than the dog, when i can see, said artificial intelligence cognition, perception, like a dog, is really a big challenge.but once it crossed the dog, it the person completely wrong, i don't know if you have ever seen a movie, is its ehrs, it can fall in love with five million people at the same time, do you stand?this thing is black and white, or worse than a dog, or superior than you many, many, so you can't seek such a peer.

discussion of artificial intelligence has in recent years.people side is already accustomed to a variety of"black"of science and technology to the subtle influence of life, side to let the world upside down artificial intelligence technology.today, the relationship between over and ai has slowly as we discussed the topic of artificial intelligence.someone optimistic self-confidence:ai will promote the progress of human civilization, people full of crisis awareness:ai will in future be the terminator?

october 2, 2017 tiger sniffing f&m; innovation, hkust hu yu xunfei president, microsoft project director li di small ice, thomson what, deep as a co-founder of science and technology science and technology vice president wang yu, love for interactive ceo wang shoukun and link host controlling potential technology cmo li yujia, in the main venue of the round table, is a series of questions and ai is full of"dry"debate.this link content obtained audience's warm response, packed the scene applause of dispute, barrage have said"material""than to say well".

maybe you don't understand the basic technology principle of ai, maybe you don't understand the industry research direction of ai, but if i tell you, in the future you may fall in love with a the ai and marry him(her), do you still think that ai is far away from you?a look at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology bosses are how to say.

here is the guest is from left to right:hu yu, li di, what, wang yu, wang shoukun and li yujia.

ai will be human terminator?

li yujia:hello everyone, i am the rain jia, i come from yu potential science and technology, is the host of this bbs.in fact all of this a few"middle-aged uncle"and i, we all come from sound let everybody"unknown sleep and complete"artificial intelligence and other industries.artificial intelligence(ai) these two years is a very hot word, hotter recently there is a word called"the future is to", but the future is really better?the future really will want to huxley's brave new world, because of the realization of artificial intelligence and bring us a swirling disaster?so i prepared some questions to consult the practitioners of artificial intelligence, the first problem the ai will be human terminator?please hu yu come first.

controlling potential technology li yujia

hu yu:my first topic.i think so, about the ai to see how to understand, you need to ask is we are now doing ai ai or future?if from a future perspective, ai has gone beyond the human, it is a kind of new upgrades, the problem is when we talk about ai, ai, is to discuss is doing is doing the ai to full beyond human i think have a certain amount of time, this is the first name is beyond words.

the second word is end.my understanding is that the end is to destroy human, this is an end.we do not yet understand how human consciousness, we do the ai will now generate consciousness, it is negative, is no.in the absence of consciousness, put an end to the human, human ai the end of this also too far.there is an end is to make human become useless thing in the world, let you lose the meaning of life on earth.

hkust xunfei hu yu

li yujia:this is scary.

hu yu:this may be, but need time, all the activities on the earth by intelligent takeover, left human can also move like the universe, human beings can also be a happy accessories or parasites, it is possible.

li yujia:hu yu answer not brick, he just brings us to a more philosophical consciousness, li di what do you think?

li di:i want to talk about the two aspects of reality.artificial intelligence has two meanings, a plane is capability, a series of large based on the evolution of our technology and form the ability.then it has a series of products, we are now very serious reflection is that we should go to the control, or ai wouldn't be the terminator of mankind, but the ai has the potential to be humans put an end to their weapons.

, for example, such as small ice experiment in japan, we in 12 hours to one million japanese(equivalent to 1% of the population) to push a message, and the japanese to communicate, continuously to guide them in this communication the longing for a certain food, 40% of people within three days will be finished to offline use certificates of food consumption.can i put the coupon(the food stamps) for another content, or if i can change it to another service, we think it is possible now, artificial intelligence and before are quite different, its concurrency is very high, if we do not take the weapon in the hands of a human, it produces the damage is very big.

this is in what's happening around us.we also see that there are in the same industry, when someone told him that my brokenhearted, he can get like holiland cake sent up the first time.but you want to make a lot of money, you need to consider the technology of artificial intelligence in your hand is actually there is a very important social responsibility, we are taught in the united states also had bad robot, we have pain, we think that ai if not control, will become the terminator.

li yujia:thank li di, i feel yang fanyou to say, do you agree with li di, consciousness and realistic level, from which angle you will this topic?

what:this topic is a little big.i am a part of identity, some disagree.human terminator must be human, human's history is a history of fault.actually not only the ai, a breakthrough in the world, explosive technology revolution, in my understanding is, in fact, the human to do more finer classification of all the people as a group to understand, but you will see the history of the past along with the progress of technology, human beings will differentiate, will differentiate into different classes, in technology development have some class, some classes will be at a greater disadvantage.

academia there should be one such views, with the development of ai technology will have a few people who have the technical ability, more powerful use of ai and becomes useless thing to most people, this is a not so optimistic, but is likely to be in the future.from the positive to think about it, you will see another as technology advances it will let the human contact, constantly explore the boundary will extend outward, then i think with the mature of artificial intelligence, we are still limited in this small planet earth, is there a greater opportunity to go out in the future, if we can go out, may be the end of the we will be more slowly.

what thomson technology

li yujia:thank you very much for the serious what nonsense(laughs).wang yu, finish listen to three guests shared, could we have below to share more and more intense and more sharp(sharp) point of view?

wang yu:i do as a hardware, is usually the most conservative, because the hardware is in commonly algorithm after a year or two will come out.but i very much agree with just one point of view, the human must have their own fault of the, no matter how strong the tool.we will feel at least now the intelligence or artificial artificial intelligence, is a tool for human beings, the tool with good you can expand your boundaries, do more and better to play things, not do not work, always have something to do, but where do you use, how to do, this is a person to do your own thing.

like the first two days of family video, a pile of uavs fly, a plane with a bullet, if this is the machine's own consciousness, that is very terrible, but the machine is unlikely to have their own consciousness, this is my point of view, but in the end is who will do this thing, i don't believe that the machine produces consciousness, this must be someone behind to instigate, i have such a feeling, this is man's fault, which i agree with you.

li yujia:next we please keep to talk about your point of view.

wang shoukun:discussion of the terminator, there are two level, industrial society is the agricultural society's terminator?has two meanings, first, from the number, or social development, the industrial society is indeed the terminator in the agriculture society, less engaged in agriculture, replaced the original including the structure of agricultural society, including these aspects of thought, in this sense, this is the terminator.but another level, many thousands of years of agricultural society did not let us eat, really let's eat in the industrial society, is take us to another level and beyond, in this sense may not be the terminator of human society, will bring us to a new level, with the experience of transcendence.

from another angle, i very much agree with the front several teachers, ai is very difficult to create consciousness, not as we humans have evolved the power, i can now see the ai evolutionary dynamics, reflect or behind the consciousness of our people, is part of the people to pursue his want of will, thank you.

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