forbes: ma worth $9 in the world

on november 22, according to the bbc website reported, china's biggest social networking company tencent's market value has been more than facebook.

the company has in china's most popular message application wechat, and run the hero alliance(economic of legends) and king glory(honor of kings), and other popular online games.

tencent is the first of more than$500 billion(377 billion pounds) worth of asian companies.

according to forbes, chief executive of tencent ma worth more than sergey lin(sergey brin and larry page(larry page) and so on google's founder.

the report, released on tuesday, according to forbes, ma worth about$48.3 billion, ranked ninth in the world.

in announced that next year will launch micro letter after payment services in malaysia, tencent shares all the way up.

in addition, tencent has snapchat behind the snap companies, taxi service company lyft and electric carmaker tesla's equity, the company also is expected to be the very popular multiplayer games"the glory of the king"is introduced into the united states, the game for players to pay for upgrading their game characters or clothing.

now, tencent has with apple, amazon and microsoft and other us companies.application of its star micro letter almost everywhere in china, nearly one billion people use it every month.

now, wechat is not only a messaging platform, users can also through wechat pay for shopping, booking taxi, investment, delivery and so on.

tencent hopes to wechat expand abroad, while malaysia is the first country to introduce wechat pay but let users outside of china to accept wechat may encounter difficulties.

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