elon musk: there's a lot of dream of man

beijing time on 7 december, elon musk,(elon musk) put forward a lot of big plans, we might find it hard to track each project implementation time.today, 2030 years ago futurism website lists the musk all company will implement the project list.

will bring about a billionaire, elon musk, described as a busy entrepreneur, is an understatement.musk, although young, she runs many company, every company has a firm's future development plan.

elon musk:there's a lot of dream man

will be a billionaire, elon musk, described as a busy entrepreneur, is an understatement.musk, although young, she runs many company, every company has a firm's future development plan.

in order to make the electric car(eavs) and renewable energy solutions to move forward, he created the tesla company;in order to let the human have the opportunity to become a more planet species, he created the ferry company;in order to change transport, and to build the best tunnel, he created the"boring company";in order to promote the fast development of artificial intelligence, he jointly launched the non-profit project openai artificial intelligence.in the end, he in order to enhance the capacity of the human brain, created the"nerve ink(neuralink)"company.

it is easy to the diversity of musk hodgepodge company project"lost", so the list a list of the project, the following is a musk plans to achieve the goal of 2030 years ago:

2017:musk set ambitious goals for yourself in the not too distant future, the latest schedule is australia within 100 days to build the world's largest lithium ion battery factory.in march this year, musk announced that he will soon plan within 100 days to complete the lithium ion battery factory construction, otherwise will provide free services.in september this year, lithium ion battery project official countdown has open, only 100 days of the project construction period, to the end of september, half construction project has been completed.meanwhile, musk commitment by the end of 2017, will begin to deliver the tesla improved solar roofs.

in 2018:the year of the musk most priority may be let tesla model 3 car production on the right track.now the goal is to march 2018 before production of 5000 units per month, because of tesla motors on the production side suffered some setbacks, so it's hard to say whether tesla to achieve this goal.around the same time, tesla will promise to upgrade self-driving cars software system, allegedly the self-driving cars would be in 2020 before the autopilot function.back to australia, a solar and wind power project is expected to be built in 2018, the project will provide tesla unlimited extension of industrial battery powerpacks.

in 2019:this year, there will be some exciting things to come recently appeared the tesla electric semi-trailer electric(semi), though rarely reported details, but it is expected that the electric semi-trailer will begin production in 2019.around this time, in october 2018 to april 2019, tesla will publish an electric pickup truck.at the same time, in 2019, a compact suv car called"model y"will be released, there is a known as the"model"tesla motors.in los angeles was then built boring company, tunnel, although musk and gave no specific timetable, but we can assume that, as the project is completed, and the approval of the local government, this article advanced tunnel transportation system will be completed, and put into operation in the next few years time.:

2020 over the next three years, musk plan will become more and more big.first of all,"tesla roadster(2.0 tesla roadster is 2.0)"already accept reservation in november this year, is expected to be released in 2020.if, after the tesla model 3 production smoothly, is expected to be produced each year 1 million electric cars by 2020.also in 2020, the tesla electric cars may be a single charge can travel 1000 kilometers.

2021:may 2020 musk a tesla will be built large battery factory, in 2021 began producing electric cars.to build a factory in china, with the chinese government to improve the electric car project cooperation, is expected to begin in 2030.in addition, the tesla company is also planning to build 1000 super charging stations in china.

2022:for musk, perhaps the most important moment will come in 2022!will plan the goods first arrived at mars mission by the modified version of the super(bfrs) launch rocket, eliminated bfrs as a new type of reusable rocket, will become the standard of capsules space mission, the purpose is to reduce the cost of space travel.

in 2024, two years later, elon musk, a plan to send the first manned mission to mars to mars.at the same time, between 2022-2024, launch the earth edition bfrs ferry company might become a new mode of transportation between cities.

and after 2030:, elon musk, there are many projects, but not completely determine the schedule, or at least no one is an open project.super loop is the most important of the train(hyperloop), musk says tesla or ferry companies are more willing to participate in the project, another project is in its early stage of development(neuralink)""ink, elon musk tried to the human brain and artificial intelligence together.

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