silicon valley investor: tesla ceo elon musk is the most important contemporary entrepreneurs

beijing time on december 13 afternoon news,"the smartest investors in silicon valley check wheat, paris, tia(chamath palihapitiya) said on tuesday that, tesla ceo elon musk,(elon musk) is the most important contemporary entrepreneurs.

parihar petey in a cnbc interview:"i am very bullish on tesla's convertible bonds, it is what we bet the safest, most reliable way of musk.musk, i believe, is the most important of our generation entrepreneurs."

paris, tia is known as"one of the most savvy investors in silicon valley,"he said in may this year, tesla's future prospects, suggest to buy tesla's convertible bonds.parihar petey said, tesla as early apple, and its ceo elon musk is the thomas edison of our time.

parihar said petey adam:"tesla's convertible bond provides us with a side by side and our time edison opportunity."

musk is a very progressive and innovative entrepreneurs, in addition to tesla ceo as electric motors, he still space exploration technology company ceo of capsules, solarcity solar company chairman.

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