lei jun benmingnian: reincarnation of frustration luck and counter attack

however, success is only money can meet labor model of lei jun.his hard self-discipline like work machine, can't accept oneself is not good.do investment to some extent by him as the track of tuition-

"i want to do the mobile internet, but i do not understand, don't understand must pay tuition, the best thing to do is see what others do, in uc web, the industry has done to me."


"there is no decline in sales of a company in the world after successfully the counter attack, in addition to millet".in 2017, standing in the fourth year of summer, lei jun heart to say this sentence should be proud of.

"i am not a person who is adept at survival in adversity", he once admitted that he is afraid of lagging behind, worried that once behind will overtake.but worry about a thing happen, murphy's law took effect on lei jun again, begin from 2015, millet performance decline, by 2016 the momentum more apparent, shipments and market share both fell.

lei jun had to brave challenges bring fear behind.

focus, make up a missed lesson, has become the whole lei jun 2016 keywords.that spring millet in colorful city office in depression at all times, have stringent lei jun uncharacteristically gives the"remove the kpi","happy"comfort.he then please go back to li wanjiang, ousted executives clean up the supply chain, please star endorsements, layout offline and overseas market, trying to recoup.

perhaps because close zhitianmingzhinian, perhaps because the setback down his pride, lei jun in the trough but not as nervous as the bear jinshan listed pressure and anxiety.his nose make up a missed lesson, at the same time learn to comfort themselves and comfort others--

in october 2016, he asked the millet early employees to have a meal, dinner said"no matter how the outside world to see us, we must be stronger than last year, this year than the year before, is"stronger than it was three years ago.in february 2017, when china entrepreneur bbs in yabuli, he said"i lay on the floor, no one can beat me".

the situation gradually became clear in 2017.

at the beginning, lei jun announced millet to into the billions of years of small target;in october, he put the millet expected sales in the year of 70 million to 90 million;in december, about millet ipo news spread in anecdotal discussions with investment banks.in addition to shortage of old question, the voice of the outside bad-mouthing millet subsided.

bring lei jun in millet convention set income broken billions of"small target"

there are media people sigh with emotion, lei jun is lei jun, is not he can predict the tuyere, but the wind has stopped after he was able to fly.

lei jun also can fly much higher, the answer is uncertain, but what is clear is that go to the fourth year, lei jun seems to have laid down their own tangle of identity-jinshan listed after two weeks, he was invited to take part in a television interview, but sigh with emotion,"i firmly believe that because i was invited as the ceo of kingsoft";"really hope in the future because i am a lei jun, so i didn't have a chance to sit here."

now lei jun has identity labels don't need too much.in order to make up a missed lesson, he quit last year as chairman of the board of directors, directors together era.the name"lei jun", has been in the business, the company most position carry weight.in february he said in an interview:"i don't hope you can understand the business model of millet, now i only want to ten years, twenty years later, when you mentioned china's retail, manufacturing efficiency change, remember that"lei jun"such a name."

in fact, looking back lei jun adult three year you will find that if no 24, that is, the fate let lei jun in jinshan completes the sniper microsoft word's mission, may also won't have him at the age of 36 and 48 stories and experiences.

the so-called fifty and knew her, but is back and forth every 12 years a reincarnation correction results.

the time of the change of the lei jun, also wrote in his creation of the product and company names-from pangu, excellence to millet, suitable for, is behind the career ups and downs, there are persistent and down.

birthday, had simple lei jun probably don't have time to prepare what celebration for himself.only to be sure, the shanghai oriental pearl tower of the house of millet to lei jun birthday(16 december) on the day of the opening, it is also a millet 258 stores in china before.

lights light up the moment, lei jun will think of those key moments in the year?

sometimes, dramatic and fateful moment tend to occur only in one day, one hour or even a minute, but their decisive influence beyond time.

48 birthday soon, lei jun this is probably the least.in 12 years for a cycle, he in time for the past four wheel experienced countless such a critical moment, first met kau pak kwan is, in the zhongguancun drink bowl of entrepreneurial millet congee is naturally.

bring lei jun and kau pak kwan

and more concentration appeared in his year at the critical moment.

is similar to"reincarnation","year"is the chinese people believe in another concept, folkloric statement is:benmingnian either good luck or bad luck.the internet also cannot avoid custom.last year, when 48-year-old because robin li, baidu's various negative repeatedly heibang, talk about his benmingnian difficult once popular anecdotal, baidu gradually improve the situation this year seems to have become disguised evidence of this argument:see, through benmingnian.

for lei jun, benmingnian seems to is not so terrible.in addition to the age of 24 in jinshan make of pangu components not too well, and then two slathered his harvest quite abundant, at the age of 36, a group of stars such as company he invested in yy, then earn rich;48 years old this year, he led the millet staged a jedi fight back, to, proud to say that"there is no decline in sales of a company in the world after successfully the counter attack, in addition to millet."

story of lei jun benmingnian, always inseparable from the fame and fortune.but whether lucky or unlucky, you are able to peer inside the old model worker's survival logic.


that was in 1993, lei jun in jinshan work more than a year, is beijing jinshan company development department manager.that same year, in the south, ma just graduated from shenzhen university computer professional, in a company for a job as a software engineer.

in lei jun's eyes, the"father"of the wps kau pak kwan is synonymous with success and once back in college, he took on two classmates founded company, imitation jinshan chinese card business.the final in 1991, zhongguancun met a computer exhibition.perhaps because idol halo effect, lei jun was impressed by the"china's first programmer":dressed in a black woolen cloth coat, glorious takes a person.after with the icon for a roast duck, lei jun in early 1992 to join the jinshan, he hit on the recruitment information's slogan is"kau pak kwan today is our tomorrow".

was kingsoft the development department in beijing cross company li wenjun private homes, but lei jun is ambitious.in wuhan university he is a outstanding student:spend two years through college courses, and successfully across all of wuhan university scholarship, into a"let programmers success"glorious tradition of jinshan, he just the first step in advanced.

his goal should be to become kau pak kwan, ucdos, wu xj, the character zhi-dong wang-most of them are with strong individual operational capability and perseverance, make their work become the era of classic, such as the five strokes, wangjiangmin wang yongmin kv antivirus, ucdos ucdos, zhou zhinong natural code input method, the chinese star zhi-dong wang, etc.

becomes the key to lei jun since the year 1993.opportunities and challenges at the same time before the young man:microsoft word, bear the brunt of the jinshan wps is under threat.people used to describe the veteran internet company style:microsoft, nothing grows.

during, lei jun the model characteristic to an extreme:give up all the holidays, nearly work all day long.even so, he still felt hard enough.the core team is programmer chen bo he as a role model, the latter time"don't even drink water, girlfriend telephones are to meet at noon".

in fact, it is a gamble.

jinshan pay the cost of more than 200, wins, is a local company beat rival overseas inspirational story, the young lei jun can also join the programmer legend palace;lost the bet?boiled red eyes when lei jun may have no time to consider the consequences.

with the popular now, lei jun"all in"on this project.in 1993, window system in china showed the trend of spreading, lei jun:dos system without hope, golden hill is not necessary to continue to be based on the development of dos.but since then it has been proved that this judgment down early.liu ren later in the book"knowledge hero", regrets, jin shanzai stop dos development in 1993, the equivalent of"last until 1995, achieve brilliant dos platform in chinese internet handing out".

lei jun to give up the known and accepted by people even wps this ip, wait until the spring of 1995, jinshan development department and headquarters in zhuhai are full with beijing will have to open a new era of the hyperactive.in april, the new name"pangu"on the press and a number of ad pages, lei jun have also prepared a press release, invited more than 20 media to participate in the conference.

the result is:lei jun is infused a gourd ladle water by the reality.

to"pangu"does not pay, product release and after half a month to make a phone call to ask the user what is"pangu components", after six months, only sold more than 2000 sets of pangu components, many programmers dispirited and discouraged, lei jun is devastated,"that year, i lost my ideal".once he don't want to mention it, then graduate soon zhou hongyi accidentally mentioned"pangu components"is not good, lei jun immediately pull down the face.

now, in the spring of 1995 that the seeds of failure, lei jun is buried in 1993.he chose radical in the second year of life, and pay the price.similar mistake, he didn't allow yourself to make a second time.


36, lei jun is still in the busy, and at the age of 24 programmers writing code is different, this time his identity is kingsoft co., ltd.

a reporter once recalled in 2005, he see lei jun:bloodshot eyes, seems to be a perennial excess heart tired of managers.he used a small black and white with a nokia mobile phone, hang on mobile phone chain, like in the interview repeatedly expounded his own ideal, the end still keen on questioning techniques to the reporter.

he is still a perfectionist-2004 after three core business online, antivirus, office software, jinshan is the comprehensive transition from the internet.blueprint introduces to the reporter, he looked at each other while describing notes, worry not completely clear, finally straight-tempered took the book and drew two pages.

with an interview with england, jinshan listed pressure burden to the lei jun is not difficult to imagine.

jinshan inside there is a sound of hong kong as early as 1999, but such as it passed in hong kong, china, the united states listed on nasdaq returned to hong kong in the end, it's already 2007."in fact the ipo is only a stage in the development of the enterprise, but to me is like climbing mount everest", lei jun later reflection, drag a blink whole jinshan were listed.

lei jun in the mind is not,"i am not as stupid, others i at least also diligent than others, so why do i get a enterprise is not easy to have a hard time?why do they get a enterprise is pretty easy.ma yunting easy, chen also pretty easy."and people always ask:if golden hill is not listed, those with 16 years of your brother?netease, shanda, why jinshan employees still in poverty?

to listed, jinshan bitter all up and down, on september 14, 2005,"jinshan drug gangsters"officially entered the japanese market, but workers in japan have spent two nights in a pub-nearly every week to work overtime late, live in the suburbs of employees reluctant to pay for expensive in japan take a taxi, you'll chat at the bar, a nap together.

at the time, jinshan tighten their belts to main board listed on the mainland, but one of the conditions listed is enterprise profit three consecutive years."when we have the money all dare not flower, because a flower will produce cost, loss, immediately was less than the listed requirements."

there are staff kidding lei jun,"ray, i'm from entering when they heard that let's golden hill to the listed company, every new year's day i and the family said, but wait and wait, don't believe the family now."

burden on october 9, 2007, jinshan eventually launch day off.at 6 o 'clock in the morning, lei jun temporary change of the company"to all staff letter prepared ahead of the official version, have to rewrite the letter a letter to all the golden hill people.two months later, he left the mountain, in the middle communication meeting, bowed three times in a row, remove the venue complex emotions.

"i finally finish debt also", sad a word.

bring lei jun and jinshan senior in the stock exchange had a group photo taken

however, in the two years before and after the third year, lei jun is the sideline of the angels.middle-aged, lei jun seems to gradually see clear:kau pak kwan, wangjiangmin and other professional success is hard copy, with the age of technology change the destiny, capital can also be a powerful lever of leveraged era.plus carrying 2004 sell joyo sums, leijunyou the entry.

lei jun in the third year, is a key of chinese internet-2005$for the first time china's netizens become after the us internet giants.under the wave, internet companies going public tide rise, bat is to suppress the strength enclosure walls, everywhere is a vibrant scene.

lei jun this year made several important decisions, such as a$1 million investment in together time, seven years later, gather time going public, holding more than 20% of the lei jun received more than one hundred times earnings.this year, he spent$500000 to participate in the investment of kara company also registered, because the founder sun tao ran, in his view is"do anything, no matter what i throw".similar comments, he began to do in that year also gave the"i have a net"of the aged.

in the old friend zhou hongyi, lei jun angel investment too cautious,"angel investment was an emotional thing, and he did the angel investment than the somebody else to do rigorous risk investment".are not familiar with the investment principle is two:lei jun don't vote, only people.is strong this year, by contrast, investors ya-hui zhou is different, the latter has a famous saying,"little rich by frequently, rich life, investment unicorns are luck."this seems to be a lot of angels now state of mind.

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