cook at the end of the line: visited to wuzhen summit mobile game company

to wuzhen global internet conference, visit supplier factory, to the apple store for programming hour, born in a fried steamed bun shop to introduce mr wang o2o services;next day to see some of the teaching with the help of the primary school, access to a mobile game company, continue to participate in guangzhou after the fortune bbs...

apple ceo cook to wuzhen global internet convention

the cook of this trip to china at the end of 2017 line is full, from hardware to swim, from government meeting to chat with the media, covering all levels and all business is closely related with the apple, but the trip and the time is not the same.

connection with app ecology is fried shop

"meeting place in a costs?are you sure you have the right?"previous interview chance to cook a lot of sina science and technology, but in the place, instantly let a person feel a kind of hair wrong messages.

"delicious", after the communication with the group ceo mr wang a, we finally had a chance to sit across the cook, from have the rare food opening in the united states, with him about"sweep code order"this kind of no service in the united states.

apple's ecological big pot of chunsheng decoction combined with modern science and technology in the

if the cook's visit to china a few years ago in the face of the developers still have some problem and means, in this life costs with oil and he is holding the mentality of communion and study and to:the chinese innovation after iphone rewrite smartphones history began in 2007, but in recent years in china:evolution meituan or other o2o services, have already broke through the small screen, to expand the real world a dimension and rapidly with the connection, change people's habits and customs.

this is a unique innovation, from china to any other parts of the world are not popular.

from mobile phone games to sport

on december 5, cook visited a company called hero mutual entertainment at 10:00.

in the meeting room, the president of the company wu dan to cook their products is introduced, in addition to the game works including"red tide", and continue making the mobile phone games sports event's long-term goal.similar to america, hero and entertainment with the hand do foundation, opened a small mobile phone screen outside the world.

the hero mutual entertainment"red tide"developers explained

mobile game is from the"play"to become a serious event, from the previous"doing nothing"became a special arena, there is also a commentary, the audience, have mature system of tour tournament sport project, even have special competitive places:from wu dan own weibo, shanghai is ready to"a", a kind of contains e-sports, internet pan entertainment industry garden area, the future will build more across the country.

on his microblog, cooke calls"connect online and offline people applause":this form with the nba or similar to a soccer game, but the source and significantly different, their users are all from mobile phone in the small screen, eventually to a connection to the real world.

after read a fighting game, we asked the cook in the united states not seen a similar form?he said:"china this innovative unique all over the world", and even cracked a joke said, by the way,"perhaps one day, i will be sitting in the audience, holding the glo-sticks to mobile game players to go".

the unique chinese innovation

the ceo of apple, favored all china, someone once statistics, became ceo since 2011, cook has visited china 12 times within six years.from afforestation to clean energy, or with willow blue with that developers dream team in the apple store, he has been with his own perspective to understand the special special innovation of the country, is also one of the promoters of this innovation.

in wuzhen, cook said:"we will try to lower the threshold into the app ecosystem", shanghai for two days, he put it into practice:visit the fourth deaf school, watch some disabled children learning to program, and to the apple store for one hour"programming"platform.the latter is the activity of apple has been for many years:in december 2015, apple's senior vice president of software engineering federico ji(craig federighi) themselves just one hour"programming"the phone connection sina science and technology, he hopes to have more children in childhood can contact computer education, let them to decide the future do you want to learn programming rather than because of the school didn't lose a chance to choose this course, the fourth deaf school is apple hope to further expand the rights this learning practical action, whether or not the body, should not be an excuse for these children to learn.

cook in his weibo visit the fourth picture of deaf school

the users and developers of the country, also from the initial curiosity accept will be developed into a prosperous market.also began to export some of china's unique form of innovation, and earn an income of 112 billion yuan, a number that has accounted for about a quarter of the total revenue of the app store developers.

experience ar game products

sitting in a big pot of spring strip on the bench, cook said, shared cycling is the most obvious case, a chinese innovation it in any other country in the world all have no, is the first in china, because the chinese people have a very strong sense of innovation and the willingness to accept this kind of innovation that is willing to accept new things point of view all will be the driving force of innovation, it is, therefore, no matter how results, cook has been firmly believe that china is apple's most important markets, and more than a year of time china has set up four research and development center, was unprecedented.

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