former cctv host pangye join boss appointed vice president of straight

on december 14th morning news, boss hired straight announced today that the former cctv host pangye join boss straight served as vice president.join boss straight after employment, pangye will promote the boss hired straight on television, network video platform, such as brand cooperation and development, etc.

pangye presided over nearly twenty years, program director and other related media industry experience.had too much gear cctv famous programs, such as workplace recruitment"absolute challenge", cultural relic appreciation class"treasure", the culture class"truly"and so on.pangye graduated from communication university of china, has a master's degree in international affairs at columbia university.

bring pangye

pangye said in an open letter, to join the boss hired is reunited with recruiting industry, is also unknown embrace of the internet.

for many users the first-tier cities, television, network video platform is the important channel which the contact with new products, new services.public data shows that in nearly three years to choose"a new line of"city and the second and third tier cities work young people are increasing.boss hire business also began to sink, ground to"a new line of"city and second and third tier cities.boss hired claims, pangye join will deepen the boss hired straight with tv, web, video and so on all over the platform of cooperation, to convey to the more user boss straight employer brand concept.(39)

the following is a letter issued by the pangye:

"embrace the unknown, is one of the best way"

in the autumn of 2008, i was in charge of a culture show the day, my teacher and actor heidi was rehearsing before recording, all of a sudden, heidi looked at my face said:"it is not your best."my first reaction was that i now look what's the problem?

i'm 33 years old, at that time in the cctv host some fairly well-known program, income, shopping is also likely to be recognisable as one or two people, from the point of view of traditional may have reached"peak"of life.moreover, the books i read krishnamurti, feel oneself has already made a reconciliation and fear, filled with positive energy.although respect teacher heidi, or whisper in my heart, if this is not my best look, i don't know what is.

until a year later, when i'm learning english met his latest"the father of china's futures".have a recess, the latest said to me, you should continue to read a master's, knowledge is the wealth of who also take not to go.then did i realize that, ji wang teacher said at the time and not look.

heidi's words and the source of advice has been echoed in my head, i want to go to america for further study.but one to two or three years, in this industry, the host is back to the past.struggle.entangled with such torment me, looked in the mirror was thinking, thinking, when you eat also thinking when recording shows.the struggle also comes from the family, friends, love and protection.finally curiosity killed the comfort, i decided to put the host identity aside, to study.

prepared rectified gre, waited at the waitlist for two months, in may 2012, i finally received the columbia university school of international and public affairs master's admission notice.

however, things are not as smoothly as i think.the difficulty of the study abroad for my older students, not only lies in the language, is completely unfamiliar learning content.after i studied, worked in tv media industry, the elder brother of the course is more partial the depth of the economic, political, and cultural studies.graduate gpa of 3.0, after the first semester, my gpa is 2.6, let dean personally find i talk to success.

the dean might mean i learn, i promise i will be able to progress to the dean.dean look at my school, promise if next semester can progress, continue to let me down.under pressure studying day and night, the second semester was 3.0, while the average is 2.8, but let me get the chance to continue reading.the two years i almost gave up all the holidays, eventually graduated with slightly higher than the 3.0 gpa smoothly.

on commencement day, i think, now looks like i should be more than 33 years old, is better.

look back in the day of the united states, i realized that a person's"appearance"is the"wealth"deck.""wealth is not youth, beauty, money, also not the book knowledge and qualifications, but to embrace the unknown, refactoring to look at the world point of view, to explore, to seek truth and courage.after all, life is short and inertia is too strong.

in fact, the appearance of the"best"is only long as there is unknown, you can find a better myself.

in 2015, i travel to london alone.accidentally sat next to king's cross railway station cafe window, staring out the window come and go.they face have sorrow of parting, meet the joy of trivial daily numbness.a group of costume unique saint martin college of art students attracted me, they in the bustling streets of laugh, talk, dance, reflected in the sunset, like a group of unfolding london scene.i suddenly jumped out an idea, everyone has a wonderful story behind, i can give people around the world to see this scene real-time broadcast?

i cheerfully told the idea to friends, friends say, is that you don't live, using a mobile the united states to go to school, i have begun to contact the mobile internet, but that's just the ornament of life.wave back after i found out that the mobile internet is reshaping the way we live, and code can ride on a shared cycling, everywhere can use micro letter pay treasure to pay, you can even on a mobile phone to the supermarket to put the things sent to the home.

the mobile internet has given people a new way, which is connected with the world, these are the times of ordinary people, on the back of the id, is has numerous vivid individual kind of face.their joys and sorrows, beer and skittles, food and clothing live line, through the mobile internet to connect to the service.this is a can't use words to describe its magical world.

for me, the mobile internet is the new unknown.i want to at that time, i must do something.just when i was looking for opportunities, i met an old friend of zhao peng.he talked with me his entrepreneurial project"boss hired straight", let the job seekers and boss communicate directly online, using machine learning approach, read the bilateral real demand, improve people post matching efficiency.

met someone who is my reunion with the human resources field.i in 2003 cctv host talent service program"absolute challenge", and companies large and small, with different background job seekers walk together for a five years.programme to hundreds of millions of viewers how science is a new type of enterprise, market-oriented company is how to choose talent, also with real case the church job interview, how to find yourself in the workplace.program at the time of the popular science knowledge, to 14 years later, has become a common sense.

mobile internet on one side, one side is a kind of human resource industry, this let boss hired a new starting point this becomes very attractive.not too long i made the decision to join-boss hired straight.this time at first i could also get a 2.6 gpa, but i still have the courage to"graduate".

use film of life are no longer heavy line:

"if you feel uncomfortable, so you are alive.if your eyes have a desire for the dream, so you are as free as the wind, like the waves of the your arms to hug every moment."

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